Dogs with toothbrushes: there is no way these photos won`t make you smile. No way!

Did you have a crappy Monday?
I did. This adorable photo cheered me right up! Look deep into those big saucer happy eyes, it is impossible to stay in a bad mood. Just try, you will not last.
You can not stay in a bad mood looking at these sweeties...

Step aside cats in sinks, I think these dogs with toothbrushes have taken over the cute department! You can compare for yourself, here's the most recent cats in sinks post: here
but I think there is no match!

images via: people, pawesome, favim, saratoga


K&B by the Sea said...

Hahahah! I LOVE these pictures! Fantastic sweet puppy faces :-)

Speaking of... Tobasco is doing great! He's really feeling like a member of the family. There's a potential adopter coming to meet him in a couple of weeks - it's going to be hard to let the little guy go!

mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

So great to hear that Tobasco is having fun! He's such a cutie. I've been wondering about him. Thanks for the update :)


icakepops said...

Those puppy eyes and smiling faces are too adorable! I think I'll have to pick one of my dogs and brush their teeth just for a giggle!

mikky said...

Hi icakepops,

If you do take photos and send them to me!


a m o u r e t t e said...

so cute