Celebs in tubs: Ciao Jersey Shore!

Ack! So frustrating! I had scheduled this post and the next one to run earlier this week because I wasn`t going to be able to access my blog due to work and the posts never got posted!?! I don`t get it, even now in Edit mode it is showing that the post is scheduled for 06/09/2012 yet it never posted. Why? Why? Why didn`t it post? Has anyone had this problem before?

Ok, enough of me ranting my frustrations. One last thing...I was so happy to have prepared in advance, not that it is a big fancy post, but it is still something. Hate that when you think you`re on the ball and organized it doesn`t pan out. Ok, I`m done complaining now. So anyways back to the post...

Just saw this past weekend (well now last weekend) that Jersey Shore has
been cancelled. Wonder if these guys will still get to hang with Leo DiCaprio or if that is ancient history? Will you miss Jersey Shore? I have actually only seen it twice. Once I saw 5 minutes of a show that was dubbed over in Japanese - they were in some library where they had to be quiet and were daring each other to do things. Then the other episode I watched was their last day in Italy and Snooki and someone else decided to put all the plants on the table in the kitchen. So I basically know more about them from watching entertainment shows and blogs. Did you watch Jersey Shore and if you saw the Italy show would you say that was representative of the show or was it funnier? People told me it was hilarious, but I never got around to watching it, so was it really funny?
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