Can`t keep cats out of sinks!

Have we seen enough cats in sinks? No! Well at least I don't think so. How can
you resist cutie mischief makers like these? Impossible!

I mean look at this adorable face.... almost makes me not notice that pretty soap dish.

This last sweetie pie looks like a panther. How puuurrrrfect is his
grey fur against the pink sink?!

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Also, if you want your cuties (cats, dogs, giraffes, zebras, lizards, etc...) to be stars in my next post please email me your photos here: And if you want to say anything special about them, include that too!

images via:jess hamilton, aquaria wintersoulzazzlebarnaby dorfmandeborah silverbeesdennis barnes


Karena said...

Hi Mikki
Thank you so much for visiting me.

These cats are the cutest ever!

Art by Karena

mikky said...

Hi Karena,

Thanks for visiting too! Love all the great art on your blog.

Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

I adore cats ;)
You can visit me
If you have time :)

mikky said...

Hi Marina,

I just went to check out your blog, it looks great! So many pretty fashion shots. Looking at them makes me want to go buy some funky jeans!


Pura Vida said...

The cats in the sink are hilarious! Thanks for the visit!