Attack of the toilet paper mummy


One of my all time favourite blogs is Bent Objects. Just when I think Terrry can`t
possible come up with a cuter character he does.
How funny are the tp hieroglyphics?
If you've never visited his blog, please do, it will put a smile on your face.
Here's the link: Bent Objects
Or you can click on my Blogroll tab and look up Bent Objects, there are
links to some of my favourite characters.
image via: bent objects


icakepops said...

Oh my goodness . . . too funny! I just have to go check out Bent Objects blog (I bet it's great!)

Chelsea said...

This is too funny! I can definitely see myself spending way too much time on the Bent Objects website...


mikky said...

Hi Chelsea & icakepops,

Yeah, I have spent hours going thru all his posts! I think I`ve visited every post on Terry`s blog.