Tub base Tuesday: Antiqued mirror elegance

This undermount tub base has an Art deco feel.
If it weren't for the modern chair, I could almost imagine the lady of the house, wearing a beaded flapper dress, placing her glass of champagne on the edge of the tub as she touches up her makeup.
I like the unexpected combination of the oak floors with the antique mirrored base and
the marble walls.

If you like the idea of a mirrored tub base, but want something a lot
less pricey, here's a simpler diy version:

Cheap and chic mirror tub base

image via: veranda

Dogs with toothbrushes: there is no way these photos won`t make you smile. No way!

Did you have a crappy Monday?
I did. This adorable photo cheered me right up! Look deep into those big saucer happy eyes, it is impossible to stay in a bad mood. Just try, you will not last.
You can not stay in a bad mood looking at these sweeties...

Step aside cats in sinks, I think these dogs with toothbrushes have taken over the cute department! You can compare for yourself, here's the most recent cats in sinks post: here
but I think there is no match!

images via: people, pawesome, favim, saratoga

Tub with a view: Time to head back to the tropics

Have you noticed that so many of these tub with a view of the tropics have round tubs? Most people usually go for rectangular or oval shaped tubs in their bathrooms, but when it comes to those with a view of the beach, suddenly so many people want round ones, go figure. I guess it is so a few people can sit in the tub and enjoy the view.
Here's a few more round tubs with a view to make you jealous this weekend:
image via: adorably melted

Attack of the toilet paper mummy


One of my all time favourite blogs is Bent Objects. Just when I think Terrry can`t
possible come up with a cuter character he does.
How funny are the tp hieroglyphics?
If you've never visited his blog, please do, it will put a smile on your face.
Here's the link: Bent Objects
Or you can click on my Blogroll tab and look up Bent Objects, there are
links to some of my favourite characters.
image via: bent objects

Seafoam green country bathroom retreat

It's been awhile since I featured a shabby chic or country bathroom design on
Todaloos. I think this one is a nice mix of both styles.  
I like the change in floor materials from hardwood pine floors in the vanity area to tiled in the tub and shower zone. Adding the seafoam green tile accent on the floor nicely ties the two parts of the master bathroom together.

What really adds drama to this bathroom is the iridescent shimmery green mosaic tiled fireplace (ok, that description was a bit long), it is just so unexpected and fabulous. It adds the chic factor and creates a gorgeous focal point when peeking into the bathroom.
2 other details I think are great are the window seating and the shade of green on the vanity mirror frame. Using this bright green really makes the room pop. It may sound strange to say, but it makes the vanity area look cleaner (not that it looks dirty, don`t get me wrong!). I think in shabby chic designs or in any design where alot of older pieces of furniture are used, it is always smart to add an element with a touch of glossy paint to give a clean, fresh, lively feel. I am sure there are plenty of people who will disagree with me.
One thing that surprised me is the choice of ceiling lamp. For this bathroom, I would have though a crystal chandelier, maybe with some glass flowers in shades of pink or purple, would have been the choice.
Btw, did you notice how many towels are in this bathroom?! I counted 23 bath towels.

Wouldn`t you love to spend a lazy Sunday pampering yourself in this bathroom? I would.

Notice anything different in this last photo compared to the others?

I think this simple change adds a nice extra design detail to the bathroom. I`ve seen
this technique done a lot in kitchens, but rarely is it used in bathrooms. It looks great here.

So have you spotted the difference?

Leave a comment to say if you found it or not!
images via: jvw home, design shuffle

Celebs in tubs: Ted

I still have to see this movie. I hear it is hilarious. All those years blowing out birthday candles as a kiddie and not once did I think of wishing for my teddy bear to become real. What a mistake! Strangely enough he looks alot like Ted.
Have you seen Seth MacFarlane`s movie Ted? What did you think?
image via: tv film news

Which would you rather - Contemporary or Traditional bathroom?

These two master bathrooms are similar in many respects.
Both are pretty spacious, have tons of storage space, and a spa like feel
with their large soaker tubs and closed in showers big enough for two.
They also have similar colour palettes: creamy white walls, rich brown wood
cabinetry, light tiled floors and a neutral colour palette rug. The colour scheme in these
bathrooms is classic and quiet.

So which would you choose - the crisp look of the Contemporary bathroom or the
slightly more ornate style of the Traditional bathroom?

images via: charlie and co design, ohara interiors

Tub base Tuesday: Time to pick up some palettes

Ummm yeah, it's Tuesday today....well somewhere in the world it is...
Ok, I am late, I just finished the post that was for Monday and now it is very late..well really early Wednesday morning, but I am swamped again with work, but I told myself, nope, you have to put up your post, so here it is! Holy run on sentence, forgive me for my rambling.
It just blows my mind all the creative things people have done with palettes, from turning them into sofas, to bookshelves to a million other projects. I'm surprised there is not a shortage of palettes with everyone doing diy projects with them (those and mason jars). Well, when I saw this photo with the drop in tub inside a palette base I knew I had seen it all.
 What a great use of palettes this is! The palette wood gives this tub base design a nice Texas saloon feel (that is a compliment. Not that I have ever been in a Texas saloon unfortunately, but I imagine this tub looking perfect on a ranch.). And I like the added touch of the big metal screw heads. The little white stool tops off the design, it looks like the kinda stool you'd use to milk a cow.
Doesn't this tub look like it's crazy deep? Perfect for the cowboy to soak in after
a long day herding cattle.
image via: remodelista

A mirrored vanity for every style bathroom

By now I am guessing you know that I love mirrored vanities (here`s part 1 & part 2)!
This modern pink tinted mirrored vanity is one of my favs. I love the girly accent of the pink mirror doors combined with the sleek, simple modern lines of the vanity. This bathroom is just the perfect take on modern glamorous. The shimmery tub wall is fantastic - I`d love to have a dress made with the pattern on the wall. The sharp lines of the rectangular under mount sink look great and of course I went gaga over all the delicious marble! 
If you want a simple bathroom mirror vanity then you`re sure to like this one too...
One like the vanity bellow, with it`s long mirrored legs makes a bathroom feel nice and
open. However, I would miss all the storage space. And as pretty as the
mirrored countertop looks, I can just imagine the maintenance to keep it clean.
No thanks!
Or perhaps you prefer a more art deco style mirror vanity:
Or maybe you`d rather an antiqued looking mirrored vanity?

Now with all these mirrors perhaps it would be a good idea to have a
vanity with a built in makeup station like these...
And  we can`t talk about mirrored vanities without including some that
just scream Hollywood glam!
Which style of mirrored sink vanity is your favourite?
Here`s part 1 and part 2 of my mirrored vanity posts.
Part 1 has a bunch of different mirrored vanities and Part 2 has vanities that are mirrored, but are not 100% mirrored so they are easier to maintain, great if you love the look of mirrored vanities but can`t stand all the maintenance!
I`m sure this won`t be my last mirrored vanity post...well actually I already have a steal that look post featuring a mirrored vanity that I will be posting soon!

Tub with a view: Soaking up the City

If there is one thing I absolute love it's an entire wall covered by a slab of marble. It is just  absolutely stunning.This bathroom with it's sleek shelving, modern fixtures, mirrored wall, floor to ceiling black marble and great city view makes me think it would be the perfect
bathroom for a Wall Street tycoon or power broker.
I also like the marble walls in these 3 bathrooms:
Is it just me or do you find this bathroom to be super masculine?

image via: fxmagazine

Toilet paper crowned pups

Is this not the cutest toilet paper roll diy you`ve ever seen?
Amanda Wright from Wit & Whistle made these toilet paper crowns to celebrate her dogs Mabel & Oliver’s bdays. I love people who love their pets so much that they celebrate their birthdays. And I love people who have more then one pet so they keep each other company and have a furry friend to hang out with.  

Just look at these huggable faces!

This last photo is really cute. It looks like Oliver is checking out Mabel's crown and thinking 'Hey, if I weren't colour blind I could swear that you got a gold crown and mine is silver...What's up with that?!"

Amanda also has a really sweet stationary goods shop, some of the things
I spotted that were cute:
These little note books she calls Jotters. 
Besides my iphone notes, I always have a tiny notebook in my bag to jot down ideas. Mine are usually from the dollar store, these Wit & Whistle ones would look so much more stylish and professional.

And how cute is this stamp?
I think I'd get a neon pink or lime green ink pad to stamp it with. (Amanda if you're
reading this post you should stock some in your shop!)

If you want to check out Amanda's shop, click here.

images via: Wit & Whistle
* this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just think her products are cute.

Favourite bathroom photo of the week: Steamy or Screamy?

I can either imagine this bedroom bathtub set in front of the blazing fire as the setting for some steamy scene in a Harlequin romance novel, where the main characters, who have hated each other up till then, are trapped in this room due to a snow storm and wind up in a passionate embrace and spend romantic days in bubble baths. My best friend in high school used to go thru a Harlequin romance a week. Every once in awhile I`d read one, they always had the same plot lines. Once she was done with them she used to give the books to her rabbit to chew thru. I'm not sure which one of them enjoyed the books more!  On the other hand, I think this would also be the perfect setting for a psycho film. Can't you just picture the main character sitting in that rocking chair rocking back and forth with the creak, creak, creak sound of the floor boards as her victim lies helpless tied up in that tub? Either way, this bathroom works! heeheee... Now how many people are going to want to recreate this look for their home?!

image via: honey hands

$30,000,000 luxury real estate and wait till you see the master bath!

Every once in awhile I like to go on the luxury real estate sites and visit the uber expensive homes. It is always nice to dream of what I would buy if I was insanely wealthy. It`s funny, they don`t often show the bathrooms. I find that strange because for me the bathroom is so important I would absolutely want to see it before visiting a house.
This home has 8 bathrooms, as usual we only get to see one of them, but boy oh boy is it a beauty. I`ve saved it for the last photo, I`m sure you will love it! It is extremely luxurious. The bathtub is made out of a solid piece of marble. However, first let`s snoop around the rest of this house.

To get a feel of how truly luxury this estate is, I`ve included parts of the description:

One of the most prominent estates in the region and only 22 miles from downtown Philadelphia, this 40,000-square-foot modern residence was designed by world-renowned architect Rafael Viñoly. Situated on 70 picturesque acres, the distinctive main house is built around an impressive Belgium stone courtyard.
The master suite is a sanctuary with his and her imported marble baths, dressing rooms, a sitting room, and an office. One of the sumptuous baths is adorned with a tub carved from a solid block of marble, and a private flight of stairs leads up to a tower retreat that enjoys 360-degree panoramas of the entire property. A separate living suite has been created for a live-in au pair. An atrium connects the guest wing to two other en suite bedrooms, each with balconies and imported tile in the baths.
It sounds incredible.

Talk about a gorgeous living room! It has a bit of a modern museum vibe but still very relaxing and chic. I love the lilac chairs, the incredible chandelier, the massive doorway, the wood panelled ceiling and the blue artwork on the side wall.
The kitchen I find so-so, I am not digging the green cabinets. I would have imagined something more modern in the style of the living room. However, I do like the kitchen chairs, they remind me of the chairs outside Paris cafes and the rod iron base of the table is beautiful. Do you like this kitchen?


I would be very happy staying in this guest room. I`d love to take that painting home and the bedside table is tres chic.
Or I could leave the painting where it is and move in so I could spend all my free time practicing on their indoor tennis court and  

swimming in this pool:
Now that would be the life! They also have an outdoor tennis court, so
I am wondering if any famous tennis player owns this house.

Now for the piece de resistance....
The ultra glamourous, ultra luxurious bathroom.
After seeing this bathroom I wish we could see the other 7. I can`t even imagine how grande they must be! No expense was spared in this bathroom. As I mentioned, this tub was carved from a solid piece of marble. Imagine how heavy it must be! The doorway is also lined in marble or perhaps that is the shower? It looks to be Staturio or Calacatta marble which are some of the most expensive marbles in the world. I have seen this floor design before, it is bugging me where I last saw it. The circles along the ceilings also appear to be made out of marble. The vanity is stunning, and the satin blue seat cushions add the perfect touch of colour. It must feel like stepping into heaven walking into this bathroom in the morning. Don`t you just wish you knew what these people do for a living?! I know I do!

Do you like the style of this house? Which room is your favorite?
If you want to see more photos of this stunning home click here.

Here`s the listing info:
Arbor Hill
Fort Washington  Pennsylvania  United States
$30,000,000 USD
No. C24403

images via: christies real estate

Classic classic classic traditional bathroom

How delicious is this bathroom? It's classic but it's also fresh. Ok, the mosaic half walls must cost a fortune, but they look so good. I like the pairing of the mosaic tiles with the marble tiles. It adds another dimension to the design plus it cuts down the cost by only using the expensive mosaic tile on half the wall. Now that is smart design.
The wall sconces are also perfect, so is that bathtub and vanity. Everything looks so soft and soothing. My second favorite detail in this bathroom is the wall mount tub fixtures. It's rare that people go for wallmount faucets for their tub so it always stands out and adds a little something special when it is used.

images via: artistic designs for living

Tub base tuesday: skirting the issue

At first glance this skirted tub could easily be mistaken for a baby crib and the loofahs for stuffed animals. Or maybe I am just overdue for my eye checkup. If you
love shabby chic bathrooms, then adding a skirt to your tub is the perfect touch.
And why not put a skirt around your sink too? Check out this
post for some cool style ideas:
 (I think that has to be the longest blog title I have ever written!)
image via: belclaire house

Tub with a view: miles and miles of blue

. I can just imagine lying in this tub watching dolphins swimming outside. It looks like
the aqua blue waters go on forever.
Which do you prefer, last week`s tub with a view or this one?
I know which one I'd choose...
image via: unknown

Moroccan dreams blue bathroom

This season one of the big style trends is Moroccan. I can`t wait to see how the trend will be applied to the bathroom. Hopefully we are in store for some exotic bathrooms and
incredible tile designs.
This bathroom is a great example of how gorgeous it can look.
From the intricate detail in the woodwork, to the Persian rug, gorgeous chandelier, exquisite tiles and rich colours this bathroom is captivating.
Aren`t the tiles in this bathroom incredible? I mean look at the detail in that wall and
this fireplace?! Just breathtaking. It looks like something straight out of a movie.
The front entrance of the house is absolutely stunning, I just had to include it. I am
a sucker for pink wash concrete walls.

images via: chris barrett design