Who is the art in Harvey Specter's office on Suits by? The name of the artist, finally!!!

The mystery is finally solved!
 The artwork in Harvey Specter's office on Suits is by Heather Millar.
I want to send a huge Thank You out to Amanda at Geek Details, Fredrik who's blog is Backsteg and the Anonymous commenter who all left me a comment with the artist's name. I hadn't opened my blog for 2 weeks so it was fantastic to find all your messages. Finding out who did the Suits' art has been bugging me, so I really appreciate your taking the time to leave me your comments.  
To all the people who emailed me asking who created the art in Harvey's Office, I think I have emailed everyone back, I will double check my emails tomorrow to make sure I haven't missed anyone (it's 2 am right now) but yeah! We can finally all watch Suits without wondering!!! I love that tv show. I think Suits is one of the best shows on tv right now.
Here's some additional details on the work:
name of piece: listen closely
oil on canvas

I was sure this artwork was a photograph, I am blown away that she
actually painted this peice.
And here are all the links everyone sent me:
Heather Millar (you can see the piece from Harvey's office here)
Heather Millar blog (some of my favorite pieces here are:
sly fox, say what!, a tasty lunch, quiet as a mouse, bunnies and Sunday morning. And I am sure I have seen the peice called the gift somewhere before.)
Canvas Gallery (if you're curious about Heather Millar's background, there is a brief little bio on this page)
If you want to check out the original post I mentioned the art from Suits in here it is:

If you love Suits, check out this fun microsite for the show: here
and this interesting article on how the show is using social media: here
Thanks again Amanda, Fredrik and Anonymous!

image via: USA Network, Heather Millar


Anonymous said...

Rachel has one of her paintings in her office too... called The Gift!

mikky said...

Hi anonymous,

Thanks for the tip, now I'm off to google for Rachel's office!


Katie Palmer said...

There's so much art in Suits that I want to track down. A piece in Louis' (I think) office.
A couple paintings in the lobby.
And one that is behind Nigel when Louis and Nigel are arguing about that crazy cat.

mikky said...

Hi Katie,

I agree and I want to track down those amazing pillows in the boss's office.

Now I'm going to have to look for the Nigel, Louis cat episode to check out the art you mentioned. Poor Nigel didn't get the cat :..(