Tub base Tuesday: not too feminine & not too masculine, just right!

This tub base design looks both masculine and feminine, perfect for the master suite.
I can't resist the look of an undermount tub covered by a beautiful slab of marble. It is such a gorgeous, timeless design and I love the colour of these tiles. As usual though, I would add a hand shower so that you can easily rinse off if you don't feel like jumping into the shower and even more important, it's much easier to clean the tub with one. Bet you are sick of me saying that!
Now take a look at the equally fantastic open shower:

Not having a shower door really makes the shower look and feel larger, but that's not a worry here, it's pretty big and look how high that ceiling is. There may even be a skylight in the shower....sweet! And of course, I'd add a handshower here too for easy cleaning. They are giving themselves a lot of extra work not having one. Especially when it comes to cleaning that glass panel, pain in the butt to do without a handsprayer!
And don't you just love the two tone beige checkered floor?

images via: charlie barnett associates


Jamie Herzlinger said...

Yes, travertine is great for any gender! Not to mention how easy it is to maintain! Thanks for sharing!

love, Jamie Herzlinger

mikky said...

Hi Jamie,

I agree 100%!
Have a nice rest of the day.


Unknown said...

I think my bedroom is smaller than this bathroom.
Material Fixations

mikky said...

Hi Meganne,

I think this bathroom is bigger than a lot of people's bedrooms! It's so nice, I wouldn't mind sleeping in that tub!