Toilet paper crowned pups

Is this not the cutest toilet paper roll diy you`ve ever seen?
Amanda Wright from Wit & Whistle made these toilet paper crowns to celebrate her dogs Mabel & Oliver’s bdays. I love people who love their pets so much that they celebrate their birthdays. And I love people who have more then one pet so they keep each other company and have a furry friend to hang out with.  

Just look at these huggable faces!

This last photo is really cute. It looks like Oliver is checking out Mabel's crown and thinking 'Hey, if I weren't colour blind I could swear that you got a gold crown and mine is silver...What's up with that?!"

Amanda also has a really sweet stationary goods shop, some of the things
I spotted that were cute:
These little note books she calls Jotters. 
Besides my iphone notes, I always have a tiny notebook in my bag to jot down ideas. Mine are usually from the dollar store, these Wit & Whistle ones would look so much more stylish and professional.

And how cute is this stamp?
I think I'd get a neon pink or lime green ink pad to stamp it with. (Amanda if you're
reading this post you should stock some in your shop!)

If you want to check out Amanda's shop, click here.

images via: Wit & Whistle
* this is not a sponsored post or anything, I just think her products are cute.


Chelsea said...

Too darn cute!

mikky said...

Hi Chelsea,

Yeah! I want to take Oliver and Mabel home, they are just too sweet looking.