Once Upon a Time, Sacha sent me her cool bathroom photos...

I was so excited when Sacha emailed me asking if I wanted to feature her master bathroom suite on Todaloos. And then when I clicked open the photos, WOW! WOW! WOW! I couldn`t get over what an amazing job she and her husband did. btw, how gorgeous does she look in that photo? No wonder her hubby said yes to an open concept bathroom!

Sacha`s bathroom is truly original. You guys are in for a real treat. If you have ever been tempted to have an open concept bathroom in your master bedroom, you`ll want to take notes on Sacha`s set up. I think she created a great transition from their bed area to the bathroom area. I like how she used interesting pieces and such fun & unique details so that the bathroom area adds to the overall decor of the room. I can imagine their friends wanting to hang out in here all the time. Just fill up the tub with ice, throw in some bottles of bubbly and it would be the perfect spot to celebrate in.

Now enough of my Oooo and Ahhhing, let`s take a look at the photos. One last detail though, a little apology to Johan, I am giving Sacha all the credit here!

I think this next photo was the first photo I opened:

 Crazy cool no?! You can see why I got excited! 

Here`s a closer look at the Pharmacy, and no she didn`t buy it that way....

Sacha and her Dad have their own furniture refurbishing company called Once Upon a Time. They take older pieces of furniture and give them a completely new look. What`s cool is that each piece they create has it`s own personality and back story. I`ve included their Facebook page at the bottom of the post so you can check out their uber unique designs. 

Before Sacha got her talented little hands on the Pharmacy, it looked like this:

If you are wondering what in the world that is, per Sacha it was ``a very boring old shop fitting piece.`` Amazing transformation don`t you think?  Hmmm...note to self, I have got to keep my eyes peeled for closed up shops with displays left inside. It is so cool how Sacha used this piece.

Now lets take a look at her vanity area.

See those fun cabinets next to the sinks? They are another one of her genius transformations, but before we get into those, let`s first check out the rest of their bathroom area.

I really like that they went with simple mirror framed mirrors. The mirror reflects the chevron wall tiles and doesn`t compete with all the details going on in the room.

The bath and shower area is a semi enclosed wet room.

Per Sacha, ``The tiling in the bathroom is very graphic. I've always loved the pattern. I think the space called for a statement area. It's by no means an easy pattern to tile,(we had a lot of wastage) I think our tilers hated us by the end of it. But I think it was worth it.``

I think it was worth it too!

I hope Sacha doesn`t mind that I threw in a bunch of quotes from our emails, but I always find it so interesting to know the story behind people`s designs.

And the story behind the purchase of this incredible chandelier is so cute I
had to include her quote:

  ``I sold my Samsung Galaxy Tab for that light, I wanted it so badly.``

I`m glad she sold her Tab and not little Pika (the cute doggie in the photo).

I love my ipad so I can just tell how much she loves this chandelier because that is a sacrifice, but well worth it too I think. How relaxing must it be to lie in the tub and
look up at all those bubbles?

And now for a closer look at the vanity storage.

They were airline trolleys in a previous life.

``The imagery on the trolleys are old vintage medical images I found on the internet, fit them to size and had them printed. Kinda have a vintage pharmacy feel in the bathroom, inspired by my vintage pharmacy bottle collection.``

Funny they no longer sell Brain Salt. I think I could use some of that, but would I
trust a doctor named Dr.Batty? Not so sure about that...

(btw, Sacha has done a few other projects with airline trolleys, one even includes fake
grass. You can see photos on Once Upon a Time`s Facebook page and blog.)

Sacha was very sweet in answering all my questions. One thing trumped me when I was looking at her photos. Where was the toilet? After seeing her incredible transformations I wondered if she had put the toilet inside the white armoire, which made me think of the book `The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe`, so I had to ask. She sent me this photo. The toilet is behind this door. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that she hadn`t put it in the wardrobe!

It is hard to choose a favourite feature of their bathroom. The black and white tiled chevron wall is a show stopper and she blew me away with her ingenious vanity storage, the bubble chandelier, super fun pharmacy and fluffy white carpet. If I absolutely had to choose though, I think the pharmacy is my favourite feature. I love how Sacha stocked it with vintage bottles and the signage is just perfect. I especially like the Poison sign on the side. I can just imagine all the fun little vignettes she could do with different colour bubble baths and bath salts.

Presently, Sacha & Johan are working on decorating their other 2 bathrooms and guest loo and have promised to send photos when they are completed. The guest loo has silver brick wallpaper, so I can`t wait to see what they have come up with. In the meanwhile, I still have 2 other bathrooms photos she sent me that I will be posting. They are just as fun and original as this bathroom, so stay tuned!

Thank you again Sacha for sharing these photos with all of us!

If you love Sacha's refurbished pieces, please be sure to check out her Facebook page:

Bathtub is a Cambridge Retro Free Standing Rolltop Bath with stainless steel frame
The glass bubble chandelier is called Fresh Air and is by Spazio Lighting (you can find it on pg 4 of their catalogue, but the picture doesn`t show much so for a better look and its dimensions go to pg 136 of the catalogue)
The bathroom taps, shower and tub fixtures are by H2Flo. It looks like they are from the Atlanta Range and Quadrato Range.
Basins (i.e. sink vanity): unknown

images via: the super sweet Sacha here's her blog: Once upon a Time.


Lucydesignsart.com said...

they have the most amazing ideas...love their blog and facebook page!

mikky said...

Hi Lucy,

I can`t get over the stuff she`s done, so creative. Her kitchen is pretty cool too. Thanks for stopping by!


Mike Jones said...

Wow! So creative using those airline trolley. Hopefully you disinfected them... you know, those mile-high club people. :)

In all seriousness, love the light fixture choice. Look like rain drops falling into the tub.


mikky said...

Mike you cracked me up!

Rachel, and Wow is all I can say to your amazing platinum hair, so pretty!

Thanks for commenting guys! Sacha did a great job on her bathroom.


Anastasia said...

Hi Mikky - thanks for stopping by my blog. Wish I could remember where that photo came from - but I just cannot remember. And it was missing a reference so I think I might have just found it through google images and forgot to reference it.
Amazing bathroom by the way so unique and stunning. xAnastasia at decor is like butter

Sacha said...

Thanks for all the great comments. LOL @ Mike! I sure did.
Really enjoyed the post - great job thanks Mikky. ;0)

Aurelia said...

Lovely your post and unique style of this bathroom.

beth said...

Those cabinets are so clever. And I love the armoire. What an amzing bathroom!
Beth x

Clara Turbay said...

it´s great to see what you do here.

K&B by the Sea said...

Wow! This is such a unique & creative bathroom - Sacha and Johan did an amazing job! And that bubble chandelier just happens to be the exact same chandelier I want in my master bathroom makeover! Although I won't sell my dogs to buy it ;-)

mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

Love that chandelier too, I think it`s perfect for the bathroom. Can`t wait to see yours when it`s done, I dream about that awesome tub you got! And your tiles are gorgeous!!

I draw the line at selling pets too, they`re family :) :)


mikky said...

Thanks Clara! And since I just saw on your blog that it was your bday yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wishing you all the best. xo


mikky said...

Hi Beth,

Yeah those cabinets are genius, I`ll think of them each time I`m flying that`s for sure! Thanks for stopping by.


mikky said...

Thanks Aurelia!
Nice to see you.


mikky said...

Thanks again Sacha!


mikky said...

Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for getting back to me, I just loved that photo, when I use it I will reference it back to your blog. Love your blog btw!