Lusting for mirrored vanities Part 2

In today`s post on Lusting for mirrored bathroom vanities, I thought I`d post a selection of mirrored vanities that are not completely mirrored. They have a bit of the gorgeous look of an all mirrored vanity but can be easier to maintain. Since there is not as much mirror on these vanities you won`t constantly be wiping off fingerprint and toothpaste marks. So in some ways these vanities have the best of both worlds - a little diva glam and a little user friendliness. Guess we could call these vanities the baby divas.

Here`s a pretty idea, if you love the look of a mirrored vanity, but don`t want the work, why not go dramatic and add a mirrored cabinet like this show stopper:

If you haven`t read Part 1 of Lusting for mirrored vanities click here.

images via: pattern palette, artistic tile, southern living, my home ideas, houzz x2, artistic tile, belclaire house


Anonymous said...

Where can you buy these vanities??

mikky said...

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately, I don't know where all the vanities are from. The best bet to find a mirror vanity that you will love is to first decide on the style that you like and then to visit stores that have a similar style to yours. Many home decor stores are now selling bathroom vanities, I have seen some beautiful mirrored vanities at Home Sense, Bowering and smaller independent home decor stores to name a few places. Also, check out furniture stores, you can transform a beautiful mirrored dresser or chest into a vanity - you just have to make sure that the piping and sink style can fit and that the material the furniture is made of is appropriate for use in the bathroom. Hope this helps a bit! Start by searching your favorite online retailers.