Hooked on animal hooks

Animal shaped hooks are great for little kids bathrooms, but don`t dismiss using them in the other bathrooms in your house. These animal hooks can add that little unexpected touch of whimsy and show off your funny side. Plus, they will most likely be hidden by your robe most of the time, so why not add a touch of fun?

I bet if a bachelor had one of these hooks in his bathroom the girls would melt, `awww what a cute guy he is, look at his cutie animal hook!` Just don`t get too kiddie a looking hook, then she might think you`re strange.

These Safari Hooks by West Elm are chic and sleek enough to
look great in an adult bathroom.  

One of my favourite hooks:

I`d snatch him up in a minute if he wasn`t so pricey - $48, a bit hard to justify for something I`m going to hang my robe on, but if he were mine, I`d name him Cousteausie.

Here`s a photo of Cousteausie hard at work.

And what animal has the perfect ears for hooks?


Rabbits ears make great hooks, but let`s not forget their feet:

This monkey hook is cute, but I do find the 2 screws ruin it a bit.

And why not throw in a bull? It`s not exactly a hook, but I guess if you wanted to
you could hang stuff from his horns too.

And we shouldn`t forget Elephants trunks make fantastic hooks.

These happy elephant hooks are fun for the kiddies. Each kid
could get their favorite coloured elephant.


Now don`t be a piggy or a silly little monkey and leave your wet towel on
the floor, hang it on one of these hooks!

Or if you really want to make a statement, get one of these giant rhino heads and use it as a hook to hang your robe on. Now that would be something!

If you are looking for animal hooks to hang your kids wet towels on and want to save a few pennies, check out this cute and easy diy animal towel rack from Martha Stewart:

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