Favorite bathroom photo of the week: hello fabulous huge shower

Oooo la la, yesterday we got to see Jennifer Fisher`s gorgeous shower and
today another gigantic one. All these amazing showers makes me want
to load up on body scrubs and jump in!
I like the colour combo of the light grey and white marble floor tiles with the blue glass shower wall tiles. I especially like that they went with a grey grout for the blue wall tiles. I might have been tempted to go with a white grout. I think that would give it a nice fresh look. The wall paint colour also perfectly compliments the tiles. It looks like a light blue grey to me.

Don't you just love how they layed out the art? I'm not sure if it is fashion illustrations or dried flowers. Any guesses? Whatever they are, they add a nice girly touch to the bathroom. Another great detail is the gold tone light fixture. Since all the fixtures and the washstand are silver in colour the touch of gold adds a nice hint of warmth to the cooler grey, blue and silvers. This designer did a great job.
However, what I want to know is, what`s with all the stools? There are 4 stools in this bathroom! Do people sit waiting for their turn to jump in that shower?
btw, if you love the look of the washstand, and want to see more styles, 
check out this post:
(if you're wondering, my inspiration for that post title was Tina Turner!)

image via: Associated Custom Builders


sunshine said...

Lovely shower, but not for the shy!

mikky said...

So true Sunshine!


Anonymous said...

Love this shower!!!



Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous shower! Not sure about the stools as well. Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

mikky said...

Those stools will remain a mystery. Have a great weekend too Kellie! :):)


Unknown said...
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