Favorite bathroom photo of the week: hello fabulous huge shower

Oooo la la, yesterday we got to see Jennifer Fisher`s gorgeous shower and
today another gigantic one. All these amazing showers makes me want
to load up on body scrubs and jump in!
I like the colour combo of the light grey and white marble floor tiles with the blue glass shower wall tiles. I especially like that they went with a grey grout for the blue wall tiles. I might have been tempted to go with a white grout. I think that would give it a nice fresh look. The wall paint colour also perfectly compliments the tiles. It looks like a light blue grey to me.

Don't you just love how they layed out the art? I'm not sure if it is fashion illustrations or dried flowers. Any guesses? Whatever they are, they add a nice girly touch to the bathroom. Another great detail is the gold tone light fixture. Since all the fixtures and the washstand are silver in colour the touch of gold adds a nice hint of warmth to the cooler grey, blue and silvers. This designer did a great job.
However, what I want to know is, what`s with all the stools? There are 4 stools in this bathroom! Do people sit waiting for their turn to jump in that shower?
btw, if you love the look of the washstand, and want to see more styles, 
check out this post:
(if you're wondering, my inspiration for that post title was Tina Turner!)

image via: Associated Custom Builders

Celebrity bathrooms: Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry designer to the stars


This is the gorgeous bathroom of the equally gorgeous, Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry
designer to the stars.
 I am so inspired by her business story. Long story short, Jennifer Fisher wanted a piece of jewelry with her son`s name on it, couldn`t find any she liked so she designed her own and a business was born. Now big name celebrities wear her creations. You can check out the list of celebs who wear her stuff on her site, but here`s a few: Rihanna (she wore some pieces during her interview with Oprah), Chelsea Handler, Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio, Naomi Watts, Kristen Wiig & Katy Perry (at a magazine photo shoot, Katy loved one of the pieces so much she kept it, I remember reading that! I think she said she made sure to pay for it though). Her jewelry has also been featured in the Sex and the City Movie, Entourage and Gossip Girl to name a few.
Now let`s take a look at her shoe lover`s dream bathroom:

To lie in the tub and look at your fab shoe collection, now that is heavenly!

This bathroom boudoir is a stunner. I bet you could easily fit 5 or 6 people in that incredible shower. I absolutely love the modern look of this undermount tub (looks like this week is turning into undermount tub week (check out tub base Tuesday`s undermount tub).
The thick grey veins in the marble are delicious and the sleek, modern fixtures are simply perfect. Such a gorgeous modern bathroom. If this were my bathroom I would end up covering the closet with floor to ceiling mirrors because I could never keep my closet this neat!

On CasaSugar, Jennifer was asked what the best part about having her closet in her bathroom was. Here`s her answer:

``The best part about having a bathroom and closet that merge is that I can work on what look I’m going for as I get ready — in the shower, etc. I find it inspiring to look at the clothes and shoes and put together my outfit for the day. I built this closet around my shower so that I could multi-task…get clean and pick out an outfit at once! I love being able to see everything. Two kids leaves me little time to think about what to wear, so this helps.``
And apparently, she cleans out her closet to relax. See, that`s what I`m doing wrong!

And if you are nosey like me and want to see what her
attached bedroom looks like, here`s a peak:

Don`t you just want to jump on this bed and wrap yourself up in that cozy throw?

To check out Jennifer Fisher's jewelry go here
Her jewelry is fantastic. She has so many amazing necklace pendants. If I had the cash I would buy 5 or 6 of them! Same with her earings and bracelets. If you like simple designs with a bit of an edge then you will love her designs. It`s the kind of pieces you`ll wear every day forever and will probably become your signature pieces.

To read a great interview Jennifer did go here
And, if you want to see Rihanna`s and Katy Perry`s former
bathrooms, check out this Celeb bathroom game post they are featured in: 
(I need to do another one of these soon, I`ll try to squeeze one in this week or
next week, still mucho swamped with work!)

Bath fittings: Dornbracht

Tub base Tuesday: not too feminine & not too masculine, just right!

This tub base design looks both masculine and feminine, perfect for the master suite.
I can't resist the look of an undermount tub covered by a beautiful slab of marble. It is such a gorgeous, timeless design and I love the colour of these tiles. As usual though, I would add a hand shower so that you can easily rinse off if you don't feel like jumping into the shower and even more important, it's much easier to clean the tub with one. Bet you are sick of me saying that!
Now take a look at the equally fantastic open shower:

Not having a shower door really makes the shower look and feel larger, but that's not a worry here, it's pretty big and look how high that ceiling is. There may even be a skylight in the shower....sweet! And of course, I'd add a handshower here too for easy cleaning. They are giving themselves a lot of extra work not having one. Especially when it comes to cleaning that glass panel, pain in the butt to do without a handsprayer!
And don't you just love the two tone beige checkered floor?

images via: charlie barnett associates

Tub with a view: the flying nun bathtub

This tub with a view is completely different then what I usually post. It has such an eclectic vibe, it definitely doesn`t feel like a bathroom, rather it makes me think of the second hand retro clothing shops in San Francisco.
What a different tub! Doesn`t the shape of the tub look like the flying nun hat?
This isn`t my style bathroom, but I`d take those floor to ceiling windows and
that great view any day. 

images via: unknown, palzoo

Who is the art in Harvey Specter's office on Suits by? The name of the artist, finally!!!

The mystery is finally solved!
 The artwork in Harvey Specter's office on Suits is by Heather Millar.
I want to send a huge Thank You out to Amanda at Geek Details, Fredrik who's blog is Backsteg and the Anonymous commenter who all left me a comment with the artist's name. I hadn't opened my blog for 2 weeks so it was fantastic to find all your messages. Finding out who did the Suits' art has been bugging me, so I really appreciate your taking the time to leave me your comments.  
To all the people who emailed me asking who created the art in Harvey's Office, I think I have emailed everyone back, I will double check my emails tomorrow to make sure I haven't missed anyone (it's 2 am right now) but yeah! We can finally all watch Suits without wondering!!! I love that tv show. I think Suits is one of the best shows on tv right now.
Here's some additional details on the work:
name of piece: listen closely
oil on canvas

I was sure this artwork was a photograph, I am blown away that she
actually painted this peice.
And here are all the links everyone sent me:
Heather Millar (you can see the piece from Harvey's office here)
Heather Millar blog (some of my favorite pieces here are:
sly fox, say what!, a tasty lunch, quiet as a mouse, bunnies and Sunday morning. And I am sure I have seen the peice called the gift somewhere before.)
Canvas Gallery (if you're curious about Heather Millar's background, there is a brief little bio on this page)
If you want to check out the original post I mentioned the art from Suits in here it is:

If you love Suits, check out this fun microsite for the show: here
and this interesting article on how the show is using social media: here
Thanks again Amanda, Fredrik and Anonymous!

image via: USA Network, Heather Millar

So sorry!

So sorry I haven`t replied to any of your emails or posted your comments or put up a new post in the past 2 weeks! I promise I will post all your comments and reply back to everyone by Sunday night (I have a wedding on Saturday). I haven`t forgotten about you, I have just been SWAMPED with work, still am, but I have been wanting to pop on here and explain. I just haven`t had a free minute to work on my blog at all. I`m very sorry I haven`t responded to everyone who has taken the time to write me or leave a comment, you will hear from me before Monday I promise!
I have missed blogging so much, but there just has been no time. Thanks for your understanding and thanks for still visiting while I was MIA! I hope you had a fantastic week.

Once Upon a Time, Sacha sent me her cool bathroom photos...

I was so excited when Sacha emailed me asking if I wanted to feature her master bathroom suite on Todaloos. And then when I clicked open the photos, WOW! WOW! WOW! I couldn`t get over what an amazing job she and her husband did. btw, how gorgeous does she look in that photo? No wonder her hubby said yes to an open concept bathroom!

Sacha`s bathroom is truly original. You guys are in for a real treat. If you have ever been tempted to have an open concept bathroom in your master bedroom, you`ll want to take notes on Sacha`s set up. I think she created a great transition from their bed area to the bathroom area. I like how she used interesting pieces and such fun & unique details so that the bathroom area adds to the overall decor of the room. I can imagine their friends wanting to hang out in here all the time. Just fill up the tub with ice, throw in some bottles of bubbly and it would be the perfect spot to celebrate in.

Now enough of my Oooo and Ahhhing, let`s take a look at the photos. One last detail though, a little apology to Johan, I am giving Sacha all the credit here!

I think this next photo was the first photo I opened:

 Crazy cool no?! You can see why I got excited! 

Here`s a closer look at the Pharmacy, and no she didn`t buy it that way....

Sacha and her Dad have their own furniture refurbishing company called Once Upon a Time. They take older pieces of furniture and give them a completely new look. What`s cool is that each piece they create has it`s own personality and back story. I`ve included their Facebook page at the bottom of the post so you can check out their uber unique designs. 

Before Sacha got her talented little hands on the Pharmacy, it looked like this:

If you are wondering what in the world that is, per Sacha it was ``a very boring old shop fitting piece.`` Amazing transformation don`t you think?  Hmmm...note to self, I have got to keep my eyes peeled for closed up shops with displays left inside. It is so cool how Sacha used this piece.

Now lets take a look at her vanity area.

See those fun cabinets next to the sinks? They are another one of her genius transformations, but before we get into those, let`s first check out the rest of their bathroom area.

I really like that they went with simple mirror framed mirrors. The mirror reflects the chevron wall tiles and doesn`t compete with all the details going on in the room.

The bath and shower area is a semi enclosed wet room.

Per Sacha, ``The tiling in the bathroom is very graphic. I've always loved the pattern. I think the space called for a statement area. It's by no means an easy pattern to tile,(we had a lot of wastage) I think our tilers hated us by the end of it. But I think it was worth it.``

I think it was worth it too!

I hope Sacha doesn`t mind that I threw in a bunch of quotes from our emails, but I always find it so interesting to know the story behind people`s designs.

And the story behind the purchase of this incredible chandelier is so cute I
had to include her quote:

  ``I sold my Samsung Galaxy Tab for that light, I wanted it so badly.``

I`m glad she sold her Tab and not little Pika (the cute doggie in the photo).

I love my ipad so I can just tell how much she loves this chandelier because that is a sacrifice, but well worth it too I think. How relaxing must it be to lie in the tub and
look up at all those bubbles?

And now for a closer look at the vanity storage.

They were airline trolleys in a previous life.

``The imagery on the trolleys are old vintage medical images I found on the internet, fit them to size and had them printed. Kinda have a vintage pharmacy feel in the bathroom, inspired by my vintage pharmacy bottle collection.``

Funny they no longer sell Brain Salt. I think I could use some of that, but would I
trust a doctor named Dr.Batty? Not so sure about that...

(btw, Sacha has done a few other projects with airline trolleys, one even includes fake
grass. You can see photos on Once Upon a Time`s Facebook page and blog.)

Sacha was very sweet in answering all my questions. One thing trumped me when I was looking at her photos. Where was the toilet? After seeing her incredible transformations I wondered if she had put the toilet inside the white armoire, which made me think of the book `The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe`, so I had to ask. She sent me this photo. The toilet is behind this door. I have to say I was a bit disappointed that she hadn`t put it in the wardrobe!

It is hard to choose a favourite feature of their bathroom. The black and white tiled chevron wall is a show stopper and she blew me away with her ingenious vanity storage, the bubble chandelier, super fun pharmacy and fluffy white carpet. If I absolutely had to choose though, I think the pharmacy is my favourite feature. I love how Sacha stocked it with vintage bottles and the signage is just perfect. I especially like the Poison sign on the side. I can just imagine all the fun little vignettes she could do with different colour bubble baths and bath salts.

Presently, Sacha & Johan are working on decorating their other 2 bathrooms and guest loo and have promised to send photos when they are completed. The guest loo has silver brick wallpaper, so I can`t wait to see what they have come up with. In the meanwhile, I still have 2 other bathrooms photos she sent me that I will be posting. They are just as fun and original as this bathroom, so stay tuned!

Thank you again Sacha for sharing these photos with all of us!

If you love Sacha's refurbished pieces, please be sure to check out her Facebook page:

Bathtub is a Cambridge Retro Free Standing Rolltop Bath with stainless steel frame
The glass bubble chandelier is called Fresh Air and is by Spazio Lighting (you can find it on pg 4 of their catalogue, but the picture doesn`t show much so for a better look and its dimensions go to pg 136 of the catalogue)
The bathroom taps, shower and tub fixtures are by H2Flo. It looks like they are from the Atlanta Range and Quadrato Range.
Basins (i.e. sink vanity): unknown

images via: the super sweet Sacha here's her blog: Once upon a Time.

Celebs in tubs: Zach Galifianakis

I knew we`d be seeing more of Zach Galifianakis after his standout performance in
The Hangover, but I didn`t think we would be seeing this much more. Is he
wearing a skin coloured speedo in the tub? Only the duckies know for sure.

If you want to check out Zach's website click here.
Last I checked it said "A new version coming in
2023" Funny guy. Let me know if the status has changed.

image via: gq

Lusting for mirrored vanities Part 2

In today`s post on Lusting for mirrored bathroom vanities, I thought I`d post a selection of mirrored vanities that are not completely mirrored. They have a bit of the gorgeous look of an all mirrored vanity but can be easier to maintain. Since there is not as much mirror on these vanities you won`t constantly be wiping off fingerprint and toothpaste marks. So in some ways these vanities have the best of both worlds - a little diva glam and a little user friendliness. Guess we could call these vanities the baby divas.

Here`s a pretty idea, if you love the look of a mirrored vanity, but don`t want the work, why not go dramatic and add a mirrored cabinet like this show stopper:

If you haven`t read Part 1 of Lusting for mirrored vanities click here.

images via: pattern palette, artistic tile, southern living, my home ideas, houzz x2, artistic tile, belclaire house

Tub base Tuesday: Modern Fred Flintstone

For some reason this bathroom with its huge stone tiles makes me think of a modern Fred Flinstone or a modern take on the `70`s style rock decor. I`m not sure if I like this stone floor tile or not, but I do love these incredible Calacatta Oro marble tiled walls and the modern shower fixtures.

What about you, do you love these stone tiles or not? Now I`m starting to think it also
looks like the pattern on the back of a turtle shell.

image via:  arch daily

Lusting for Mirrored vanities Part 1

Mirrored vanities are the Divas of the bathroom vanity world. They are demanding, high maintenance, glamorous and breathtaking to look at.

Even though it mean more cleaning. I just love mirrored vanities. I find them so pretty and girly glamorous. They are also great at opening up a bathroom to make it feel more spacious. From antiqued mirror vanities, to bevelled, to clean cut, I love them all. Apart from the pain in maintaining them, looks wise, I really don`t think you could ever go wrong with a mirrored bathroom vanity.




This is only Part 1 of my post series on mirrored bathroom vanities, so stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, take a peak at the pretty mirrored vanity in
Suzanne Marques` previous bathroom:

Do you have a favourite style mirrored vanities?

images via: unknown, traditional home, cococozy, providence ltd design, everything leb, this is glamorous, houzz,

More cats in sinks!

These cats sure make sinks look comfy!

They found the perfect place to beat the summer heat. Now there's something to think about when renovating your bathroom. Stick with a porcelain sink instead of a resin one, it will be a lot cooler for your kitty cat to lie in. Plus their claws won't scratch it up either. You know you love your cat when you base your sink selection on him! Next thing you know we are going to see people bringing their kitties to test out the sink before they buy.


``Mia is incredible. Here she is acting innocent in the bathroom sink. She has that, ``What did I do?" face because she had just watched me grab my toothbrush and knew I was going to use the sink. She decided I could wait. It's our daily routine." - Vanessa

Haven't seen enough cats in sinks? Check out this post:
Cats in sinks 

Have some adorable photos of your sweeties? Send
them to me and I'll include them in my next post! You can email me
images via:wine berserkers,  dana graves la timesdana gravesanimal planet, luxury home design interior