Tub base Tuesday:Jungle loving

I have to say this is one wild washroom!

It is a bit over the top for my style, but it is always cool to look at other people`s designs that are adventurous and who take time to put their own statement on their bathroom. I think the zebra print tile on the tub base is pretty spectacular though. If this were my bathroom I would have kept the tub base as the focal point and done the rest of the bathroom in plain beige or dark brown tile to match the patterned tiles on the tub. I think this would give it a very modern streamlined look. I am sure the owners are saying ``what are you crazy we love it!``

How about you? What would you do? And did you notice their silver toilet paper?!

If you like the idea of adding a touch of animal print to your bathroom, check out
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images via: interior art studio

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