The Ritz Carlton bathroom my husband stayed in.

Ok, technically my husband didn't stay in the bathroom however, he is capable of sleeping pretty much anywhere (yes, I am jealous of this trait) so it wouldn`t have been a problem for him.

Last week he had business meetings in Toronto and decided to stay at The Ritz. I always get excited about staying at fancy hotels, so I couldn`t wait to hear all about it. I had to know if the Toronto Ritz left chocolate mints on your pillows.

Well the big sweetie that he is took photos of his bathroom. He will hate it that I called him a sweetie, but he is just too sweet for taking these photos so there is no denying it. Considering the jam packed week he had it was incredibly nice of him. And what was even nicer was the fact that after he emailed me the photos I asked him to take a few more and he did. While other travellers are down at the bar unwinding, my guy is standing on top of the tub to get a better angle shot. Now if that isn`t love, I don`t know what is!

Maybe you are wondering why I want to feature hotel bathrooms on Todaloos.

Here`s why:
  1. Hotel bathroom designs are usually very practical
  2. They are often thought out so that the Cleaning Staff can clean them FAST
  3. The bathrooms take a lot of beating from being used by thousands of visitors and still don`t show the wear and tear right away
  4. The style needs to look good for many, many years so timeless styles are used
  5. They have maximized every inch of the bathroom space
  6. Ones in high, high end hotels can be crazy luxurious, so they are just fun to look at. How many of us are willing to drop a couple of grand per night on a hotel room? Not me, so here we`ll be able to visit them for free. We won`t get to try all the pretty shampoos and soaps (sniff, sniff) but we will get to peak inside
  7. And why not a little dreaming...maybe one day someone working at an uber fabulous hotel will read my blog, let out a shriek and demand that I come check out their gorgeous bathrooms asap!

So looking at hotel bathrooms for inspiration is fantastic if you want a bathroom that:

  • you will be able to clean quick, quick, quick  (huge advantage in my eyes!)
  • you`ll have a well organized bathroom, perfect for those crazy Monday mornings
  • it can withstand the beating of your kids hitting and bumping
  • 5 years from now you won`t be banging your head against the wall for choosing out dated tiles!
And who doesn`t want that?!

So  here we go....

Lee, the super nice and friendly doorman at the Ritz will let us in....

(Lee was sweet to stand at the Ritz Logo for the perfect shot. Talk about great service!)

Click the ``click to see more`` if you would like Lee to let you inside.

Welcome to the Ritz!

A quick dash thru the gorgeous lobby then up to our room...


Now let`s compare.

This is the photo of  the bathroom on The Ritz Carlton website...


And here`s my husband`s actual bathroom:


Were you expecting a nightmare? Nope, this is The Ritz!
The bathroom was impeccable and looked almost identical to the photo. If you want you can play the `what is different in these 2 photos` game. Hmmm, lets see I spotted 12 differences. You?

I love all the great little shampoos you get at hotels.
The packaging of Ritz`s products is really nice.


Check it out - a tv inside the bathroom mirror!
Sure I`ve seen them in the shops, but never got to use a bathroom with a mirror tv. How lucky was my husband!


Here`s a great shot of the gorgeous colour and movement of the marble counter.


Another shot of the vanity, tub area:

A nice detail are the marble shelves. An inexpensive way to copy this idea in your bathroom is to make the inside size of your shelves the same size as a precut marble tile (ex. a 12 x 12 tile). The maximum depth of the shelf should be half the size or less of the tile so that you can also line the inside sides of the shelves without wasting tons of tiles. I would put the cut side facing in towards the back (incase your cut is not perfectly straight which can be hidden by grout) and the manufacturer`s cut facing outside. This is also incase you decide not to put a trim or your trim doesn`t cover the edge. You can  buy extra tiles to make the outside trim and shelves but if you aren`t the best at cutting tiles I wouldn`t do this. Even easier is to use glass shelves and use small square mosaic tiles in the same marble for the trim. Or change it up by using a different tile as the trim, such as glass baguettes, mirror or even easier use wood moldings as the trim or don`t put a trim at all. Now go out there and make yourself  pretty marble shelving!

Look they even wrap up their hairdryers in monogrammed bags!


Now what`s behind door #1 & door #2?

Behind door number 1: 
Your very own toilet telephone booth!
This reminds me of that episode in Friends where there was a phone in the bathroom.


Behind door number 2:

A chic shower.


Yes there is a mirror in there and yeah I asked if it steams up.
It did unfortunately, so guys you better shave fast.

Aren`t these bottles pretty? I have a thing for lions (I`ve got an entire board called
Big Cat Love on my personal Pinterest account)


I love the shades of pink and peach in the marble shower floor.

Here`s another look at the two doors. I think having a toilet closet is a great idea when
people need to share a bathroom and using a frosted glass door makes the space feel less closed in. (Again you can cheat and save $$$ by use a standard glass shower door. If frosted isn`t available you can easily add frosting yourself).


I love the Ritz`s bath robes, they are so soft and comfy.

Plus their monogram makes me feel very Ritzy Ritz.


After our bathroom tour it`s time for a snack.

What yummy stuff does the Ritz stock in your room?

Let`s see....

Cute little bottles

A dangerous drawer for me. I could eat everything, except maybe not the Pringles, I don`t like Sour cream & Onion flavour. Which is lucky because guess how much they cost?

8 bucks! Yes, check out the price list...

Here`s a shot of the room. Aren`t the lamp and throw pretty? And don`t those
pillows look so fluffy?


After a quick peak at the view,

and an order of breakfast, I think I`ll go for the Wellness menu with an OJ and
a fruit cup...

then grab the paper out of our Ritz newspaper bag...

it`s time to head out! Hope you liked the tour.

btw, if you are wondering, all the fixtures, toilet, sinks, and tub are by Kohler and there were no chocolate mints on the pillows. There were little milk chocolate and dark chocolate squares on the night stand and they were delicious! My husband brought them home for me. Such a sweet guy!

 * Thanks for taking all these great photos sweetie!
images via: the ritz carlton,

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