Tantalizing tropical tub with a view

I don`t know where this tub with a view is located, but it looks like Hawaii. How happy would I be to be dipping my toe into this bathtub right now? Super insanely happy, that's how happy I'd be! I wouldn't last long in the tub though, I'd want to run outside and explore that view.

image: unknown. Does anyone know how to find the source of a photo you saved on your ipad? I've been searching for an answer but haven't had any luck. I guess I will have to swing by the apple store one of these days.


K&B by the Sea said...

I'll got to wherever that tub is - all the better if it's in Hawaii! Although I'm with you, I'd want to be outside exploring the great view instead of just looking at it!

mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

Oooo I haven`t been to your blog this week, I will have to swing by to check out your progress on your bathroom. You know I am insanely jealous over that incredible spa tub you bought!
I`d go where ever this tub is too and beg the owners to let me winter there every year!
Nice to see you.