Let's get around to using round windows in the bathroom

I`ve said it before, but I`ll say it again, I think one of the most overlooked design elements in the bathroom are windows. Why work around the window when renovating a bathroom? If you are going to spend all that money to renovate, why not really up the wow factor?

Using a different shaped window in a bathroom can really add a unique and unexpected design element. Of course you have to consider how the change in window shape will affect the outside look of your house, don't want to mess that up! However, if your washroom window is on the side of your house or facing the backyard I think you have more flexibility to changing the shape and size of your bathroom window without becoming the wacky house on the street.

Today I though I would pull together some photos where round and oval windows were used to add drama to the bathroom.

images via: elements of style, atlanta homes magazine, marianne simon design, porchlight interiors, fridaspeach, houzz

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