Is this furniture style tub base tacky?

I don't know what to make of this bathtub base. It is very interesting to look at. There is so much going on in this bathroom it is rather overwhelming. However, I think the idea of making a bathtub look like a piece of furniture is a good one.

So the question is love it or leave it? For me it is a leave it.  Too ornate for my taste.

Here's another take on a furniture style tub base, but a more modern, sleeker version check it out: here.

I have to say I am kinda excited about next week's tub base post. I found another really interesting looking tub base, was sooooo tempted to post it today, but I will wait to post it next Tuesday on my usual tub base post day. It's going to be another love it or leave it one.

image via: interior art studio

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