Have barrels of fun in these barrel bathtubs

Barrel tubs like these immediately get me thinking of pirates and rum and ladies stomping grapes for some reason. I guess I have watched too many movies! A barrel bathtub wouldn`t be my first choice in a tub, but I do think it would be fun to try it out once.

I really like the fresh western look of the bathroom above, those striped drapes are just beautiful and the rug on the wall looks great too. And who can resist that rainshower head, looks like it is turned on full blast. Perfect for laying under after a nice long horse ride.

I think I might enjoy this barrel tub even more though. Getting to
lie in a wooden tub underneath a palm tree roof, yes please!

This wooden soaker tub adds a lot of personality to a traditional white bathroom.

If you like the idea of a rum barrel bathtub but want something more modern looking, then take a look at this chic, sleek version:

images via: marie claire maison, desde my ventana, vart nya hem,  marie claire maison, trendir


Unknown said...

I am so in love with that last tub! thanks for checking out my space earlier :) You've got a great collections of beautiful bathrooms here!

mikky said...

Hi Milynn,

Thanks! And thanks for stoppng by too.


Fashion-isha said...

Wow this is such a cool blog. These tubs are amazing! Thanks for stopping by and glad to find you!

mikky said...

Hi Sharon,

So sweet of you, love your blog too, so many fun posts! Great to meet you.