Don't you just love double shower curtains?

Wouldn't this yellow and white striped canopy look perfect as a wrap around 
shower curtain? I can just see this little puppy standing inside a
vintage tub with that big smile on his face.

Alright, now let's take a look at some real double shower curtain styles. Adding a
circular shower curtain rod to a bathtub gives a tub such a classic look.

These next two are so pretty feminine.

I love the pleat work at the top of these ballerina pink shower curtains.

The handkerchief draping on this set of sheer shower curtains is
 so romantic. I love all the gold in this bathroom and
oh what a beautiful floor!

Or how about a rectangular shower rod for a change?
I like their dragonfly shower curtains.

This modern take on the oval shower rod is a favourite of mine:

And I couldn`t do a post on double shower curtains without including this super popular hot pink striped shower curtain set from Martha Stewart.

You can find detailed instructions on how to make these three-tier 
linen shower curtains in Martha Stewart`s book:

In the instructions Martha says that she used linen to make the two shower
curtains ``since it is stronger and heavier than cotton, drapes well and will
withstand multiple washings.``

images via: unknown x 2, french essencebhg, my pansy eyes (but looks like the site is gone, sad), nicety, dreaming of a home to call our own, martha stewart


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