David Copperfield`s tub with a view

David Copperfield may be the world`s greatest illusionist, able to make the Great Wall of China disappear, but I am sure this is one place he will never want to make disappear. His string of Islands in the Exuma district of Bahamas that is. Called Musha Cay and  the Islands of Copperfield Bay they consist of a total of 11 islands and are 85 miles from Nassau, Bahamas. 

Now check out his tub with a view:

Yes you can bathe in seclusion outside. This tub is located behind the little fence on the left of this beautiful villa.

Only 24 guests are allowed on the island at one time.
Oprah Winfrey visited Musha Cay to interview David Copperfield for her show, Oprah’s Next Chapter. She is sitting with her executive producer, Tara Montgomery. Hello DREAM JOB! btw, the interview airs Sunday, July 15, 2012. You can check out the preview here. Apparently, Oprah also owns an island in the Exuma district. I've read that many other celebrities own islands in the area such as Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, Johnny Depp, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were married on the three-mile-long sandbar called Heaven on Earth located on David Copperfield's islands in 2010. Rumor has it she arrived by jet ski wearing her wedding dress. It is also rumoured that Bill Gates, Johnny Depp and John Travolta have all stayed on David Copperfield's islands.

Here's some interesting tidbits on how David Copperfield chose his islands:

It all began when David identified four places of architectural wonder in the world. “I drew a line on the globe from Stonehenge, in England, to Easter Island, in the South Pacific, from the Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt, to the Pyramid of the Sun, in Mexico. Amazingly, these two lines intersect at a very specific point—and that point is Musha Cay.”

 “When astronauts were asked what they considered to be the most beautiful place on earth, they pointed to the Exumas in the lower Bahamas because of their vibrantly clear waters.”

And a fun feature he`s adding to an island:

David is building a new Secret Village on the island. According to David, “Guests will enter through a winding antique staircase hidden behind a statue, then journey through an underground tunnel and emerge into an enchanted world of amazingly friendly monkeys who love to interact with people—if the people so choose!”

(I took this section straight from this great article: here.)

On Coconut beach you`ll find this outdoor movie theatre:

Don't you just love the name of this beach. Just saying it makes me feel relaxed! Coconut beach Coconut beach Coconut beach ahhh....Coconut beach is one of 40 sugar-sand beaches. I`ve never heard of sugar-sand before. It sounds so delicious.

You can even have a one of a kind Treasure Hunt. I would love to know what the treasure is. The daily rate to stay on the islands is $37,500 with a 4 day minimum so I doubt the treasure chest will be filled with chocolate gold coins, candy rings and bracelets. I`m thinking a jewel encrusted treasure chest bursting with gold doubloons with David Copperfield`s silhouette on one side and the island logo on the other and strings of pearls. If Johnny Depp did stay on these islands I wonder if he brought his Jack Sparrow costume and ordered a custom made Treasure Hunt for his kiddies. btw, the Pirates of the Carribean movies were filmed not far from here.

If reincarnation does exist, you might want to come back as a 450 pound tortoise!

David Copperfield had 450-pound tortoises flown in to walk around the islands. He said that they'll live 200 to 300 years, talk about lucky tortoises. Now lets see, if these tortoises had to pay the daily rate hmmm, let me get out my calculator....we`ll ignore leap years, price increases, future value and pesky financial formulas, for 200 years (receiving the next 100 free with the discount code they found online) that would run the tortoises a whopping $2,737,500,000! I`m sure David would give them an additional discount though and possibly a senior`s discount after they reach 65 years old. That should knock off a few million.

Now I do feel bad that I can't show you more bathroom photos from these islands, perhaps David would be gracious enough to have my husband and I come take pictures of them! The things I'm willing to do for my blog readers, no need to thank me;)

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