Creamy, dreamy master bathroom spa

Every morning the owners of this home get to walk past their his and her walk in closets and open the door to their master bathroom to the view of this gorgeous shower.


The designer, Susan Latta, added custom built cabinetry to add extra storage to the bathroom and to cut the line of the all glass shower. Usually I prefer the floor to ceiling look of an all glass shower, why cut all that amazing openness? (hmmm, not sure about my spelling there) In this case though, I have to say I love it! Adding the shelving makes it feel unbathroomy (boy am I rocking the words today!)

A nice, inexpensive idea to copy is to frame bathroom mirrors in the same moldings as the windows and ceiling as was done here. This really adds to the overall softness of the room.

Here is another shot of the vanity area I snagged from the designer's website. Look how different the area looks just from changing the makeup station seating and the accessories. I am curious to know which look you guys prefer.

I prefer the first look, I think it goes better with the soothing, soft spa feel. I like how the accessories, what do you call these? Today I am just at a loss with words. Ok, lets call them glass cannisters. I like how the milky glass cannisters match the milky glass of the pendant lamps. However, as much as I like the look of the patterned poof, I don't think it is practical. I would rather have a faux leather material so that if I were to sit on the poof wrapped in a wet towel I wouldn't be worrying about wrecking it. Plus, the creamy poof has all those amazing studs on it. Ok, I will cheat and say I'd keep the look of the first photo but switch the poofs and to add back a bit of the colour I would include a small arrangement of baby pink roses.

Which of the bathroom vanity stylings do you prefer?

The splash of purple and the beige poof or the white containers and the patterned poof?

Design Resources:

Bathroom designed by: Susan Latta Design,  Fayetteville, (479) 601-3377

Builder, cabinetry: Nall Custom Homes, Springdale,  (479) 872-1337

Cabinet hardware: Interior Fabrics and Design, Fayetteville, (479) 444-0222

Bathtub & Sinks: Kohler

Fixtures i.e Faucets: Kallista

Marble: Artistic Tile, Marble & Granite Co., Springdale, (479) 750-2121, (their website
doesn`t seem to be working at the moment, but I included the link just in case it works again in the future)

Flooring: Townzen Tile & Laminates, Springdale, (479) 751-4043

Pendant lights: Lighting Emporium, Springdale, (479) 751-8184

Vanity stool: Cynthia East Fabrics, Little Rock, (501) 663-0460

Armchair: Marshall Clements, Little Rock, (501) 663-1828 

images via: at home arkansas


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