Tub base Tuesday: Sunny yellow tiled undermount tub

Now this is one happy looking small bathroom! I love the bright yellow tiles. It just
looks so clean and fresh. I like that they went with an under mount tub and tiled the floor,
tub base and back wall all in these cute small tiles and went with a white grout to match the white tiled side walls. And who could resist the perfect pop of blue of Mr.Rubber Duckie?

The only thing I am wondering about is why there is no shower curtain or glass partition, hope Mr.Rubber Duckie has a mop to wipe up all the water.

Want some more ideas to add yellow to your bathroom? Check out this post:

A splash of yellow in the bathroom can be a good thing

There are a bunch of different ideas to use the colour yellow in your bathroom
(2 of my favorites are the buttery yellow vanities and the bright yellow vessel sink photos)

image via: plastolux


Unknown said...

Do you remember where you got this photo? I love this look and want to know which bathtub they used.


mikky said...

Hi Pamela,

4 lines above your comment there is "image via:" click on the name next to that and it will take you to the site I got the photo off of. That said, I clicked and I don't see the photo. So I looked up some undermount tubs for you. Here are the links for 2 companies that carry undermound tubs:


American Standard

However, most companies do carry undermount tubs ex. Duravit.

If you want a therapeutic bath tub with an airjet system in it, Bain ultra also carries a nice undermount tub. Here's the link:


Hope this helps!