Trompe l`oeil bathroom walls

I`ve always had a thing for trompe l`oeil, but I`ve never really liked them in the home until more recently. Before the only trompe l`oeil I saw in friends homes were of forests, miles and miles of pine and birch trees and orangey sunsets with silhouettes of palm trees. Not exactly my cup of tea.

 The gigantic pink roses trompe l`oeil above is made out of custom printed glass tiles. I don`t know if I could commit to something as permanent and pricey as that, if I would I would probably go with something classic. Whereas with the wallpaper trompe l`oeil version I would be more adventurous. I think it would be really fun to cover the walls of an itty bitty powderroom with a trompe l`oeil mural. Now what to choose, that is the hard part!

Powderrooms and bathroom are the perfect place to have some fun with a trompe l`oeil wall, ceiling or floor and they are probably the place you & your visitors will get the most enjoyment out of it.

I do like this forest one. It`s not at all gaudy like the ones I saw in my friends` basements growing up!

Every weekend I do a tub with a view post, most of the time I can`t resist featuring a photo of a bathtub with a view of the beach, ocean or tropical paradise, so this last trompe l`oeil is a much cheaper take on the idea. We can`t all afford to own our own private island in the Bahamas, but a few rolls of beachy wallpaper might just fit into the budget!

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