Part 2 of cool bathroom products sightings

So here is my second instalment of the cool products I saw while out shopping (the first one is here). Take a wild guess at how much this shoe shaped tub costs?

If you guessed more then your car, you might be right. This Sicis tub costs over $35,000! You really need to LOVE shoes to get a tub like this. I think it would be so fabulous if Christian Louboutin paired up with Sicis and did a shoe tub with a red sole. I was so tempted to try out the tub, but lost my nerve when I saw the price! I could just picture it, me tripping as I try to get out, causing the shoe tub to fall over and snap off the heel. I'd be saying goodbye to buying new shoes for quiet a loooooong time to pay off that tub. Later on I spotted my friend and he said that people try it out all the time, but I got so caught up in chatting with him that I forgot to go back. What is it with me lately on forgetting to jump in tubs? Well next time I go back I will try it, that is if I am not in a klutzy mood - this weekend I tripped over the sidewalk leaving a cafe, but I was wearing new beige suede heels so I blame it on the shoes!

My husband said that this faucet looked very sad, like a giant tear drop.
I was impressed by his artist view.

This blinged out faucet is very pretty. However, I can't help but think of all the times rhinestones have fallen off my t's in the wash and I wonder if these stones might do the
same after being touched over and over by wet hands.

 I swear they stole my idea with the next faucet! This is a more kiddie version then what I have in mind, I'd love to design an elegant looking faucet with flower shaped handles or spout. This one would be great in a little girl's bathroom.

Every time I see this next faucet I sigh. I just think it is so elegant.
Perfect for a classic, feminine bathroom.

And here's a more modern take on the same idea. I do love these faucet handles.
Great for a modern masculine bathroom. Would look so good on a black counter top.

What do you think of this Faberge egg looking set? It's not my style, but it is fun to look at. 

And here's a cute little vessel sink. I've also seen this pattern on a washstand vanity. 
Very pretty, now if only I could find where I saved that photo!

In my next products post I am going to show you the coolest looking rain shower I have seen in a while, it is ultra modern and I just love it!

images: taken by me (mikky)


Fash Boulevard said...

so many fabulous tubes. Such an amazing post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest wedding post and guest blog for Lauren Conrad. xo

mikky said...

Hi Fashion blvd,

Sounds like fun! I'll stop by.