Loving animal print in the bathroom

I haven't met an animal print I didn't like. So of course a little bit of leopard, zebra or cheetah print in the bathroom sounds good to me! I especially like when animal print is used in classic bathrooms, well ok, I love it in modern ones too and contemporary and country, yup, I pretty much love it anywhere! Animal print in the bathroom adds a lot of personality. From zebra print cowhides, to cheetah print towels, leopard print stools or shower curtains, if you just add a touch and go for an elegant print like these you can't go wrong.

Notice the fantastic light grey animal print wallpaper in the next washroom? It is so faint you almost don't notice it. I didn't at first. I was drawn to the zebra print bathmat and towels. Now I am surprised I didn't notice this gorgeous zebra print wallpaper right away. So nice!

And for a big animal print lover, like Tamara Mellon, you could even tile your bathroom walls with a zebra print pattern like this:

Check out how good animal print looks in Suzanne Somers' bathroom in this post: 

btw, next week I'll be back with a celebrity bathrooms post and hopefully a celebrity bathrooms game post too, and I still have to post all the photos of cool bathroom trends I took, boy is it going to be a busy week next week! Hope your week has been great.

images via: unknown x 2, my home ideas, casale design source

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