Favourite bathroom photo of the week: chic white bathroom

Hey babycakes, it`s time for `Favourite bathroom photo of the week`. As you can see my consistency is not always, shall we say consistent? It`s been oh, a few weeks since I`ve done one of these posts, so that`s it my sweet little bathroom loving beauties, starting this week I am going to stick with doing a  Favourite bathroom photo of the week every week. They say if you write something down or tell people your plans then you tend to stick with them. I`ve also heard that it`s actually the opposite that is true, so I guess we can consider this a social experiment!

Now let`s take a look at what is so great about this bathroom:

Of course there is the fantastic oval stand alone tub and the gorgeous potted orchid, these are a given.  The peeked ceiling with it`s black gratings is pretty spectacular too. And personally, I love when table lamps are used in the bathroom, it just gives the bathroom a `less bathroom look` and makes your vanity look more like a piece of furniture. This `60`s style table lamp does just that. And what a beautiful vanity it is. From the sleek black countertop to the creamy white colour to the vanity knobs, this is my kind of vanity. But what steals the show is the art. The peaches and pink shades add a feminine stamp to this bathroom and the splashes of black pulls together all the touches of black in the room from the black vanity countertop, to the black orchid pot, black window frames, to the trim of black around the ceiling and those amazing black ceiling grates. This bathroom is stunning in its simple, clean details. I love it.

image via:vanity fair


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful. I love the big picture, and the pretty flowers popping sweet colors through the window. The problem is, I'd spend all day in that tub! :)


mikky said...

Hi Courtney,

I'd be spending all day in there too! Have a nice day.


Kellie Collis said...

Stunning! The tub is just divine! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

mikky said...

Thanks Kellie, hope you have a great day too!
I'm loving this hot summer weather.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

love that tub.. i saw a tub like that at an event that I went to last month and loved it then too! great pic!


mikky said...

Hi Jen!

Love that tub too. Thanks for stopping by, am a big fan of your blog.