A beautiful, classic white bathroom

I saw this beautiful tub base design on The Enchanted Home, and thought it would be perfect to use for my next tub base post. The pattern on the tub surround is very pretty. I love the chevron pattern in the middle surrounded by the classic brick pattern, this is a timeless, yet refreshing look. I also like how the tub faucet controls are placed at an angle at this side of the tub and the tub faucet spout is in the middle of the wall.

 So when I saw that photo I was intrigued and wanted to see the rest of this bathroom.
It does not disappoint. For anyone who loves classic white bathrooms, I think you will fall in love with this master suite.  

I mean what is not to love? It has tons of storage, great his and her vanities, marble, marble everywhere, a fantastic seamless glass shower, heated towel rack and wait till you get to the photo of the floor. If you`ve read some of my older posts, you can probably guess what I love about this floor. btw, you`ll notice that in the first bunch of photos there is blue tape in some of the shots, this is because these are the photos the designer (Janelle Steinberg of J.Steinberg Design) took while creating this bathroom. I decided to show these photos first because they really give us a great look at all the fantastic detail Janelle put into this bathroom. I read on Janelle`s Facebook page that this is her favourite bathroom she`s created and even told her clients that she wished it were her own bathroom. Now you know a designer did a good job when they love their design that much! I`ve also included the professional styled photos (after the jump because the post would be too long) so you can see the bathroom all pretty and perfect.  


Now this is a shower! Love the pretty detailed shower door handle, the built in shower bench and that the chevron pattern was continued on the shower floor and inside the shampoo and soap nooks.

Here`s some close up shots of the his and her vanities:

With vanity vestibules like this there is no way of not knowing who keeps their
vanity area cleaner!

 Such beautiful wall sconces:


The ribbed detail to the undermount sink, nicely mirrors the quarter round trim tile detail surrounding the chevron tiles on the bathroom walls.

And here is that fantastic floor:
Ahhh how I love tiled floor "rugs" they just add an extra little something to a bathroom design. The chevron pattern of this rug was made by individually cutting each of the chevron tiles. I really like the combination of the 3 different tile patterns used and that ample space was left between the `rug` design and the bathtub and vanities so that if you use bathmats, as was done here, the `rug` design doesn`t get obstructed.

Here`s a beautiful overhead shot of the tub. Again, another great detail: the marble edge is wide enough so you can sit comfortably on it. The only thing I would have added to this tub is a handheld shower attachment for easy cleaning of the tub and or to rinse off after bathing if you don`t feel like hopping into the shower. I think whenever you have a separate tub and shower you should always pay the bit extra to buy bath fixtures that include a tub mounted hand sprayer. It just makes sense for cleaning.

If you want to see more photos of this bathroom. Click the `click to see more` there are some very pretty professional styled bathroom photos.

Hi again! Here are the rest of the bathroom photos:

If you want to see more of Janelle Steinberg`s work, click here

bathroom details:
marble: White Thassos and Carrara Marbles
vanities: custom made
vanity casework designed by: J.Steinberg Design
chandelier and sconces: Circa lighting


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That's a really lovely bathroom!!

I could definitley imagine having one like this!!

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No problemo Lissy!