Celebs in tubs: Queen Elizabeth's sister Princess Margaret

Now this is something I never thought I would find, a photo of Royalty sitting in a bathtub! It is such a pretty photo though. Sadly, Princess Margaret has passed away, but from what I read about her she was quiet the fashionista, had amazing style, was the life of the party and was loads of fun. She was also very beautiful. Just look at this photo. So glamorous and what pretty eyes.

The tiara Princess Margaret is wearing in the bathtub is called The Poltimore Tiara and was sold off at Christie's auction house after Princess Margaret died. The buyer is unknown, hopefully the tiara is still intact. If you want to read the full story about this beautiful tiara here's the post. If you ever dreamt of being a princess then you will want to check out this post too: Top 15: Readers' Favorite Tiaras

And if you have ever been curious about Royalty you will have a lot of fun exploring the rest of this blog (I know I did): The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

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