Celebs in tubs: Eddie Cibrian

These shots of Eddie Cibrian were taken for Charisma, a luxury home brand that includes bedding, robes, bath rugs, and towels.

Interesting tidbit about Eddie Cibrian

He sings! He sang in a soul-pop boy band called 3 Deep. Wonder if
Eddie and LeAnn Rimes will ever do a duet.

Now the big question: Which do you prefer.....

Greasy, shiny Eddie or

ungreasy Eddie?

Greasy or ungreasy?

images via: ew, charisma, ezinemark


Diana Marks said...

cheesy ))

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Deborah said...

Life's messy; clean it up!

Lucy said...

he is so pretty.


mikky said...

Hahaha I like all your comments, I guess greasy and ungreasy are both good!