Celebrity bathrooms game: Blockbuster costars edition

It's time for some celebrity fun. Do you know which of these actors have worked together?
Well today's celebrity bathroom games is a double quiz. Match up who has worked together and who's bathroom is who's.

So which is...

Charlize Theron`s bathroom?

Olivia Wilde`s bathroom?

Harrison Ford`s bathroom?

Will Smith`s bathroom?

Think you`ve got it figured out?
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Here are your answers:

First, the star's that have stared together:
Will Smith & Charlize Theron

(I saw this movie, it was fun to watch)

Olivia Wilde and Harrison Ford


(I haven't seen this. If you have please leave me a comment to let me know if you liked it.)

Now on to the celebrity bathrooms...

Charlize Theron`s bathroom

I'm sure there are many men out there who would love to wake up in the morning and stroll into Charlize's bathroom. This is the bathroom from Charlize's Malibu pad. It is right on the beach, can't get much better then that! Per the listing, Charlize's home is the oldest home on Malibu's private La Costa Beach. And here's an interesting tidbit, Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee has bought Charlize's Malibu pad for $6,562,500.

Look at the nice view Charlize had from her tub. Sweet!

Olivia Wilde`s bathroom

This is the bathroom from Olivia Wilde's Cape Cod style home in Venice, California. I like the white washed look of the ceiling beams and the pebbled floor underneath the soaker tub. It's a fresh take on a rustic style bathroom.

Notice anything interesting about Olivia's bathroom???

She doesn't have mirrors over her vanity! For a L'Oreal spokes model this is a surprise. This isn't the first time we've seen a celebrity bathroom without mirrors, Heidi Klum didn't have a mirror over her vanity either! You can check out Heidi and Seal's former bathrooms here.

Will Smith`s bathroom

Now Will Smith's bathroom is nothing short of original. His whole house is pretty incredible. So unique and so zen. He's got some very lucky kids to be living there.

Doesn't this wooden column look like something taken out of a sacred temple in the middle of some lost forest?

per AD:"Suspended above the circular bathtub is a vintage Bruce Eicher chandelier from Dana John"

Also per AD: "The shower in the master bathroom is a glittering cocoon of inlaid pebbles; the opening at left leads to a private terrace."

Here's that private terrace they are talking about: Ahhhh....

And I just had to show you Will & Jada's master bedroom.

Isn't it something! It must look so mystical at night with those chandeliers lit up casting an amber glow over the room.

If you want to see more photos of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Malibu Home click here.

Harrison Ford`s bathroom

I can't even count the number of times I have re watched his Indiana Jones movies.

This is the master bathroom from Harrison Ford's Brentwood district, Los Angeles home.
A timeless, classic masterbath.

Harrison Ford's house if very elegant. I especially like the dog art work in his office.

Want to play again?

See if you can match up Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Seagal &
Sylvester Stallone to their bathrooms  : click here

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