Are coloured bathtubs making a comeback?

Last weekend I decided to go take a look at what is new and exciting in
the world of bathrooms.

Yup it took me a week to finally download my photos, can you believe
I had over 3,456 photos on my iphone!

Boy was I surprised when I came across this tub:

A tub with a pink tub base, what a shock! I haven't seen coloured tubs in quiet a while. What timing, because in this post on mirrors I lamented how we (me included!) like to stick with safe colours for the major pieces of furniture in the bathroom such as the toilet, tub and sinks. I guess the big bathroom manufacturers are thinking we are ready for a change.

I like the modern look of this coloured tub. I Think it is the right amount of colour. It is nice that they kept the inside of the tub white. However, I can see different colour combos looking great too. Like a light blue or turquoise interior with a different colour outside, so it would make your tub water look like you are sitting in the Caribbean (I just can't resist Caribbean waters!). Right away I thought Oooo a turquoise interior with a beige exterior would be nice, but No, I need to amp up my colour thinking!

Would you go with a coloured tub? Or would you be too afraid that it would look dated quickly. I think this pink tub could look great with beige floor tiles. I'd love to know what you guys think. Are coloured tubs making a come back? And what colour would you get????

This tub is the Optik F by Maax, you can find out more about them here.

I was so surprised by the splash of colour that I even forgot to climb inside the tub to test it out. I didn't even follow my own tip. I have sat in the Optik before, but don't remember how it feels. You can bet the next time I go I am going to hop on in!

I saw a ton of other cool things and snapped some more photos I want to share. I will be posting about, just not today! This week has been a super busy week and I'm off to wine and dine with my hubby. So stay tuned, I will do a few more posts covering all the amazing products I saw and I'm going to check out even more this weekend. I have to say that I am super excited about all the new designs hitting the stores. For the past few years it felt like same old same old, saw that already, but this year it seems like there is a breath of fresh air in bathroom design. I can't wait to explore more and show you what I've discovered and see what you think. Finally bathrooms are catching up a bit more with the design of the rest of the rooms in the house. So exciting.

Here are all the colours the Optik F comes in:

Which colour would you choose? I can't decide which I like the most.

Is Glacier Blue for you?

Or are you more of a Sterling Silver Gray guy or gal?

Are you a party person and would go for a Pink Martini?

or would you rather be reading Fifty Shades of Grey soaking in this Thunder Grey tub?

Or you think White is still just right?

I'm so curious to see what you guys think of coloured tubs!

Would you get one? And if you had to choose which of these colors would you choose?

Update: here's my next post on cool products I saw, it's a few posts away so I thought I'd provide the link to the post, click here.

images via: taken by me, the rest are from maax


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hmmm... I'll be honest, at first...because of the ledge i thought it was a tub to place inside a surround. Then looking at your other images, I see It could go both ways.

And BAM I viscerally love the fuchsia.And I would do a skinny the right place.

Iwould happily soak in a fushia...or turquoise or gray tub. Yep. Dayum...a soak sounds about perfect about now.

mikky said...

Hi Linda,

In a skinny minute! You crack me up. Btw, I love your blog.