Favorite bathroom photo of the week: timeless little girls` bathroom

There is just something so magical about this vintage girly bathroom. My favorite detail are those hanging lamps, they almost look like outdoor lanterns.

There are alot of nice subtle textures going on in this bathroom, from the silky softness of the drapes to the cotton slipcover on the vanity bench, to the old yellow linened look of the poster. I also like the practical porcelaine storage tray next to the tub and that they kept the vanity mirror a rich brown instead of painting it white to match the rest of the room. What do you think? Do you like it?

image via: unknown

Celebs in tubs: Eddie Cibrian

These shots of Eddie Cibrian were taken for Charisma, a luxury home brand that includes bedding, robes, bath rugs, and towels.

Interesting tidbit about Eddie Cibrian

He sings! He sang in a soul-pop boy band called 3 Deep. Wonder if
Eddie and LeAnn Rimes will ever do a duet.

Now the big question: Which do you prefer.....

Greasy, shiny Eddie or

ungreasy Eddie?

Greasy or ungreasy?

images via: ew, charisma, ezinemark

Does your toilet have it`s own little supply closet?

There is nothing sexy about this post, but when I saw this little closet for all your toilet needs I thought what a great idea. The only thing I don`t like about it is that chances are you are going to put the toilet plunger and toilet brush away wet and there is nothing to catch all that yucky toilet bowl water! So drip, drip, drip, out of the closet that ewwww water will go.  I`d upgrade this closet to include enough space to hold the base of the toilet brush and a dish to catch the water from the plunger plus why not throw in a hook for some spare rolls of toilet paper? Still a great little idea though.

image via: honey and fitz

Trompe l`oeil bathroom walls

I`ve always had a thing for trompe l`oeil, but I`ve never really liked them in the home until more recently. Before the only trompe l`oeil I saw in friends homes were of forests, miles and miles of pine and birch trees and orangey sunsets with silhouettes of palm trees. Not exactly my cup of tea.

 The gigantic pink roses trompe l`oeil above is made out of custom printed glass tiles. I don`t know if I could commit to something as permanent and pricey as that, if I would I would probably go with something classic. Whereas with the wallpaper trompe l`oeil version I would be more adventurous. I think it would be really fun to cover the walls of an itty bitty powderroom with a trompe l`oeil mural. Now what to choose, that is the hard part!

Powderrooms and bathroom are the perfect place to have some fun with a trompe l`oeil wall, ceiling or floor and they are probably the place you & your visitors will get the most enjoyment out of it.

I do like this forest one. It`s not at all gaudy like the ones I saw in my friends` basements growing up!

Every weekend I do a tub with a view post, most of the time I can`t resist featuring a photo of a bathtub with a view of the beach, ocean or tropical paradise, so this last trompe l`oeil is a much cheaper take on the idea. We can`t all afford to own our own private island in the Bahamas, but a few rolls of beachy wallpaper might just fit into the budget!

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Tub base Tuesday: River stone bathtub

It can`t get more rustic then this bathtub base with it`s rock facade, steps built out of stones and roaring fireplace. I half expect to see a grizzly bear peaking in the window.

If you had a log cabin would you do a bathtub style like this? 

image via: centre sky

Tropical tub with a sunset view

What a way to watch the sun set - relaxing in a jacuzzi in your own private ocean front villa.

Hope your weekend is as relaxing as this tub with a view looks.

image via: unknown, but wish I were there!

Celebrity bathrooms game: Blockbuster costars edition

It's time for some celebrity fun. Do you know which of these actors have worked together?
Well today's celebrity bathroom games is a double quiz. Match up who has worked together and who's bathroom is who's.

So which is...

Charlize Theron`s bathroom?

Olivia Wilde`s bathroom?

Harrison Ford`s bathroom?

Will Smith`s bathroom?

Think you`ve got it figured out?
Click the ``Click to see more`` to find out if you guessed right.

Favourite bathroom photo of the week: chic white bathroom

Hey babycakes, it`s time for `Favourite bathroom photo of the week`. As you can see my consistency is not always, shall we say consistent? It`s been oh, a few weeks since I`ve done one of these posts, so that`s it my sweet little bathroom loving beauties, starting this week I am going to stick with doing a  Favourite bathroom photo of the week every week. They say if you write something down or tell people your plans then you tend to stick with them. I`ve also heard that it`s actually the opposite that is true, so I guess we can consider this a social experiment!

Now let`s take a look at what is so great about this bathroom:

Of course there is the fantastic oval stand alone tub and the gorgeous potted orchid, these are a given.  The peeked ceiling with it`s black gratings is pretty spectacular too. And personally, I love when table lamps are used in the bathroom, it just gives the bathroom a `less bathroom look` and makes your vanity look more like a piece of furniture. This `60`s style table lamp does just that. And what a beautiful vanity it is. From the sleek black countertop to the creamy white colour to the vanity knobs, this is my kind of vanity. But what steals the show is the art. The peaches and pink shades add a feminine stamp to this bathroom and the splashes of black pulls together all the touches of black in the room from the black vanity countertop, to the black orchid pot, black window frames, to the trim of black around the ceiling and those amazing black ceiling grates. This bathroom is stunning in its simple, clean details. I love it.

image via:vanity fair

8 elegant bathtub alcoves

There is something incredibly refined about a bathtub alcove. They just look so classy. Today I decided to pull together all white tub alcoves, well ok, that`s not completely true, I tossed in a grey one and a wallpapered alcove too because they have the same feel to them. Each of these tub settings would look wonderful in a classic master bathroom.

Look thru them & let me know which is your favourite.

Isn`t this wallpapered alcove just magical? I love the arched wall detail, the
tub backsplash & the mirror on the tub surround.

For some reason this next tub makes me think of old black and white movies:

Do you have a favourite?

If you think these are nice then you have to check out these
other 2, they are just Unbelievable!:

(I still can't decide which one I think is more spectacular)

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Tub base Tuesday: Sunny yellow tiled undermount tub

Now this is one happy looking small bathroom! I love the bright yellow tiles. It just
looks so clean and fresh. I like that they went with an under mount tub and tiled the floor,
tub base and back wall all in these cute small tiles and went with a white grout to match the white tiled side walls. And who could resist the perfect pop of blue of Mr.Rubber Duckie?

The only thing I am wondering about is why there is no shower curtain or glass partition, hope Mr.Rubber Duckie has a mop to wipe up all the water.

Want some more ideas to add yellow to your bathroom? Check out this post:

A splash of yellow in the bathroom can be a good thing

There are a bunch of different ideas to use the colour yellow in your bathroom
(2 of my favorites are the buttery yellow vanities and the bright yellow vessel sink photos)

image via: plastolux

Celebs in tubs: Queen Elizabeth's sister Princess Margaret

Now this is something I never thought I would find, a photo of Royalty sitting in a bathtub! It is such a pretty photo though. Sadly, Princess Margaret has passed away, but from what I read about her she was quiet the fashionista, had amazing style, was the life of the party and was loads of fun. She was also very beautiful. Just look at this photo. So glamorous and what pretty eyes.

The tiara Princess Margaret is wearing in the bathtub is called The Poltimore Tiara and was sold off at Christie's auction house after Princess Margaret died. The buyer is unknown, hopefully the tiara is still intact. If you want to read the full story about this beautiful tiara here's the post. If you ever dreamt of being a princess then you will want to check out this post too: Top 15: Readers' Favorite Tiaras

And if you have ever been curious about Royalty you will have a lot of fun exploring the rest of this blog (I know I did): The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor

Part 2 of cool bathroom products sightings

So here is my second instalment of the cool products I saw while out shopping (the first one is here). Take a wild guess at how much this shoe shaped tub costs?

If you guessed more then your car, you might be right. This Sicis tub costs over $35,000! You really need to LOVE shoes to get a tub like this. I think it would be so fabulous if Christian Louboutin paired up with Sicis and did a shoe tub with a red sole. I was so tempted to try out the tub, but lost my nerve when I saw the price! I could just picture it, me tripping as I try to get out, causing the shoe tub to fall over and snap off the heel. I'd be saying goodbye to buying new shoes for quiet a loooooong time to pay off that tub. Later on I spotted my friend and he said that people try it out all the time, but I got so caught up in chatting with him that I forgot to go back. What is it with me lately on forgetting to jump in tubs? Well next time I go back I will try it, that is if I am not in a klutzy mood - this weekend I tripped over the sidewalk leaving a cafe, but I was wearing new beige suede heels so I blame it on the shoes!

My husband said that this faucet looked very sad, like a giant tear drop.
I was impressed by his artist view.

This blinged out faucet is very pretty. However, I can't help but think of all the times rhinestones have fallen off my t's in the wash and I wonder if these stones might do the
same after being touched over and over by wet hands.

 I swear they stole my idea with the next faucet! This is a more kiddie version then what I have in mind, I'd love to design an elegant looking faucet with flower shaped handles or spout. This one would be great in a little girl's bathroom.

Every time I see this next faucet I sigh. I just think it is so elegant.
Perfect for a classic, feminine bathroom.

And here's a more modern take on the same idea. I do love these faucet handles.
Great for a modern masculine bathroom. Would look so good on a black counter top.

What do you think of this Faberge egg looking set? It's not my style, but it is fun to look at. 

And here's a cute little vessel sink. I've also seen this pattern on a washstand vanity. 
Very pretty, now if only I could find where I saved that photo!

In my next products post I am going to show you the coolest looking rain shower I have seen in a while, it is ultra modern and I just love it!

images: taken by me (mikky)

Cute idea: the lacey sink skirt

Isn`t this lace sink skirt the cutest, daintiest thing?

I think it is a great, easy and FAST way to hide the plumbing and add a little girly attitude to your bathroom. It's a great idea for those small New York City apartments with the old sinks that you can't do much with. Plus how easy is this to do? Pick up a few meters of lace and some self adhesive velcro, snip snip, apply and you are done! And if you are feeling very crafty you could die the lace a cool neon colour. If you want to see more sink skirt ideas, check out this post here