Unique vanity mirrors add a touch of personality to your bathroom vanity

Bathrooms can be a risky place to experiment with style because the components of the bathroom are so expensive and not something you can easily change yourself. Sure if you buy a couch or rug for your living room and you can`t stand it you can return it or live with it for a year or two and then get a new one, or you can switch the room around, move the sofa to the basement and you didn`t lose out. But bathrooms are a whole different beast. I`ve never heard of anyone switching out their toilet, bathtub or vanity the following year because they simply didn`t like how it looked. Imagine! `Oh honey look I decided to get rid of the white toilet and get a neon yellow one because neon is sooooo in this year!` Never gonna happen. With bathrooms we learn to live with what we`ve got. So it makes sense most people play it on the safe side and choose neutral colours and styles that you hope and pray will still look good in 10 to 20 years. Hey, I like it safe too, some of my favorite bathrooms are white or beige!

So that`s where mirrors come in. You can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom with the right mirror, you can let your personality or inner stylist shine and when you get sick of the look all you have to do is take it down and pop up a different style. And with the drop in prices and huge selection of funky, chic, modern, country, you name it style, mirrors out there you can be switching up that mirror and testing out different looks all the time. Since your pretty face is going to be looking into it every day it`s worth getting something that makes you shine and that you love looking at!

Which of these mirrors do you like best?

I`m curious, what style mirror do you have over your bathroom vanity right now?

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i adore that first one!

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