Small bathroom design - similar layouts with different looks

Sometimes when you have a small bathroom, you can think it is impossible to
make it look good or different. Well nothing could be further from the truth! I`ve pulled together a bunch of photos of small bathrooms all with very similar tub, toilet and sink placement to show how different your bathroom can look.

 A lot of people think you can only have a spectacular bathroom if it is large and
luxurious nuh-un, not true. Actually, it can be easier with a smaller bathroom because it means you have less space to work with so if your budget is not too limited you can
afford to splurge for that slightly more expensive tile, wallpaper, add extra details and
you can live on the edge and test out different shades of paint without killing
your back painting or killing your wallet either. Oh, and don't be shy about going
to expensive bathroom stores and tile shops, because you can often find the leftovers of custom cut expensive tiles for around the same price as what you'd pay for regular tiles at the hardware store. Not very many people will buy these because the quantity might be too small for their needs, but if you have a small bathroom you can wind up getting really nice tiles that were made for million dollar homes at a fraction of the price and possible cheaper than the ordinary tiles you were going to go with to begin with! Just make sure you know your measurements - you don't want to be missing tiles (it's good to play it safe and buy a few sheets more just in case) Don't forget to negotiate the price down some
more since the store wants to get rid of them.

Hope these photos inspire you to love your little bathroom a little bit more!

Another way to add life to a little bathroom is to replace the tub with a
shower. There are so many inexpensive pre-made tub replacement
showers to choose from and they are not difficult to install either.

If you`ve got a great little washroom you want to share, please send
me photos! You can email them to me here:


Unknown said...

Your blog is amazing! So much inspiration in:) Congrats sweetie!

mikky said...

Thanks Laura!