Ritz Carlton, Cayman Island golf course bathrooms anyone?

My husband loves, I mean LOVES to play golf, so when I was searching around to do my next big bucks home bathroom post, (ok, I just came up with that name now. What do you think should I start calling these posts our big bucks bathrooms posts? Let me know what you think!) Here`s two of my previous uber expensive homes bathrooms posts here & here (hmmm uber expensive is kinda catchy too...) Ok, lets get back on track, as I was saying before I got sidetracked about naming this post series, I couldn`t help but be drawn to this house. A Ritz Carlton home built on a golf course in the Cayman Islands. Hello! Now who can resist that? So of course I had to check out their bathrooms and share them with you. The bathrooms aren`t as Richy Rich or as luxurious as some of the others we`ve seen, but then again this home is listed for only $7.5 million (only, as if I had that much money in my bank account!) and the others have been in much more expensive homes. However, I think these bathrooms, have some nice details to copy for a family bathroom. 

So let`s take a look.
Here`s the master bath:

I like the soft colour palette of this bathroom. The nice creamy beige walls work well with the carerra marble tiles. My favourite feature in this washroom is the built in shelving. I love how they tiled the inside of the top half of the shelves in the carrera brick pattern. I think it is a really fresh look. And the use of baskets keeps the shelves looking neat and tidy. Also, check out the great floor tile pattern. I love the mix of the tiny tiles surrounded by varying pattern large tiles. Having the floor tiles, vanity counter top, shelves and shower tiles all in the same carrera marble keeps the look of the bathroom soft, light and relaxed. This is a timeless bathroom style that you won`t have to worry about it looking dated in a few years.

Now onto the guest bath and powder room.
They kept both in the same colour palette, style and feel as the master bath.
Notice, they even used the same wall sconces, ceiling light fixtures, sink faucets and undermount sinks in the guest bath as in the master bath. However, they changed it up a bit by using different white vanities, these have a bit more of a modern vibe to them. I like that they are not your typical white vanity, but I am not sure if I like these vanities or not. I know that the open shelf in the vanity helps to make the room feel more spacious given that there are two vanities facing each other in this narrow area, but I think I would have preferred the open shelf part to be closed.
They were smart to have a separate, closed door area for the toilet. Perfect for a bunch of golfing buddies to get ready for their early morning tee time. They don`t have to wait while one guy is as my husband would say ``sitting on the bowl`` eeew! I hope they have a super powered fan in that toilet room thought. If I know anything about guys going golfing together, that is a must!

And here is a photo of the powder room.

They stayed with the same colour palette, but changed it up a bit with a vessel sink and different sink faucet. The dark brown toilet seat and door frame have the same effect as the dark brown legs of the bathtub in the master bath, giving a punch of colour so the room doesn`t look washed out. All in all a simple, straightforward powder room.

Now I couldn`t resist including this photo of the pool, I think I would spend all my time swimming around in here while the guys are off golfing. It even has it`s own little man made beach area! I think I could get used to that.

Here`s a close up shot of the front of the home.
And check out the description of this house. It sounds heavenly:

The Deckhouses at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, represent a level of Cayman Islands real estate that is in a class of its own. The stylish and comfortable interior of this elegant villa provides amazing yet relaxing waterfront living and some of the finest luxury real estate in the Caribbean. From the exquisite finishes throughout the home to the impeccably landscaped grounds and outdoors spaces, integrated boathouse, guest cottage, private beach, infinity pool and many other amenities. Truly a little piece of heaven. The DeckHouses in Grand Cayman ‘s only sea-to sea resort community. Concealed amongst lush gardens and a palm –banked single main drive celebrates the beauty and timelessness of the colonial British. The owner and their guests have full access to the facilities and amenities of The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman, which since its opening, has earned worldwide accolades for its fine restaurants, golf, spa, luxury shopping and unparalleled setting on Seven Mile Beach.

Want to see more photos of this place, go here.

So what do you think? Are you for doing all the washrooms in your house in the same colour palette and style or do you think each bathroom should look different?

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