The Golden Girls bathroom

I must confess, Golden Girls is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love this show. I have my pvr set to tape it and late at night once or twice a week I will watch 3 or 4 episodes in one sitting - since I can fast forward thru the commercials I like to tell myself that watching 3 episodes is really the equivalent of watching one show. My husband just can`t understand why I like the Golden Girls. He doesn`t get why I, as he puts it ``love a show about 4 old ladies.`` I don`t see it as a show about old ladies at all, instead I see it as a show about a bunch of friends who joke around. In a lot of ways I picture them as the original Sex and the City girls.  

I mean how can you not love a show about 3 good friends who discuss their problems over cheese cake, chocolate sauce & whip cream and features a wise cracking Sophia Petrillo who tells stories that start with ``Picture it, Sicily 1821...``

 Plus, they live in a gorgeous house. How many times have I seen their house discussed on decor blogs, I can`t even count. Whenever I see the infamous green leafy wallpaper I can`t help but think of Blanche Devereaux`s bedroom, or see versions of their white bamboo chairs in the kitchen think about their gab fests, but the one design element, that I have been waiting to see, is the bathrooms. After all my blog is all about bathrooms so you just know as I watch the show I always hope that one day we will get a peek inside the bathrooms. Well, finally it has happened!

In this episode the girls need to change their toilet and are getting quotes from some plumbers. All the plumbers' quotes are outrageous, so Dorothy and Rose decide to fix the bathroom themselves.

I couldn`t just choose a few photos, so click the ``click to see more`` to check out their bathroom.

Rose is the brains behind the bathroom reno having some knowledge about plumbing. Unfortunately, she starts to look into the bathroom repair pounding on the wall behind Dorothy`s bedroom in the middle of the night.

While Rose and Dorothy are working on the bathroom, Blanche got engaged.

Meanwhile Sophia doesn`t believe the girls can repair the washroom themselves and wants them to hire a plumber. 

Dorothy, ever the quick wise cracker asks the plumber when he arrives at the door carrying their new toilet if he has ID to prove that he is indeed a plumber.

Sophia thinks they are crazy to want to install the toilet themselves so she goes running after the plumber to get him to come back.

Blanche is going to bring her fiance in to introduce him to the girls but sees Rose sitting on the toilet so quickly shuts the door. Rose is sitting trying to think how she is going to move the heavy toilet.

This was a cute scene, Sophia is excited saying how they made an old lady`s dream come true by installing a toilet in the living room in front of the tv.

Now on to more detailed photos of their bathroom.

Here Dorothy & Rose are hard at work replacing the toilet.

Here we see Rose trying to turn on the sink faucet and instead the water comes out of the shower.

Sophie has brought back the plumber to repair the bathroom. However, Blanche and Rose quickly throw him out.

Finally they were able to successfully replace the toilet.

Here they are showing off to Sophia that the bathroom works.

This is a great shot where you get a clear look at the entire bathroom. Such a huge bathroom. Ok, it looks very dated now, from the blue toilet and sink, to the blue and pink checkered wall tiles. However, the large floor tiles are what`s trending now, maybe not the colour but the size yes. What I do love about this bathroom is the huge amazing picture window behind the bathtub.

I`m still going to keep my eyes peeled for other Golden Girls bathrooms.In an early episode, where Blanche is suppose to get married, there was a glimpse of a peach coloured bathroom attached to her bedroom, hopefully they will show more details of this bathroom. 

Are you a fan of the Golden Girls too? If so do you have a favorite character or episode?

images via: I photographed them off the tv. Golden Girls Episode 20