Furniture style tub base

When I saw this super unique tub base I knew it would be perfect for my tub base Tuesday posts. I`m always on the look out to find as many different tub base designs as possible so that if you are remodelling your bathroom (and when I remodel mine!) we can see all the different design options out there. I like the idea of turning a tub into a focal point. Often times I find the tub base is not really considered a design element but instead it is seen as a nuisance that needs to be covered up. Just because you don`t get one of those super sleek stand alone tubs or don`t have alot of money to spend, doesn`t mean your tub base can`t look spectacular.

 So in a nutshell that is what I`m trying to do with these tub base posts. btw, sorry I need to re-organize my tub base labels. Hopefully I will get around to that this week because at some point I switched the label and now all the past tub bases don`t appear together. Queen of organization I am not! So I am going to go back thru my posts to ensure that all the tub bases I`ve covered are all under the same label. I`ll let you know when I have fixed it.

Ok, back to the photo:

This tub base with it`s glossy black frame and sleek legs makes me think of a beautiful grand piano. It really is a show stopper. It just grabbed my eye immediately, almost to the point where I didn`t take in how fabulous the rest of the bathroom is. At first I didn`t even notice the amazing standing lamp - from it`s perfect shade, glass body and silvery legs, it is so utterly feminine,  the delicateness of the white vanity legs, the fantastic old coca-cola bottle green tint to the shower door, how fluffy all these crisp white towels look, the subtle touch of light sea glass green of the tiled wall behind the vanity and not to mention this perfectly delicious fuchsia pink poof! Everything was done in such soft romantic tones. What a pretty bathroom and the tub base stole the show!

What is your favorite detail in this bathroom?

image via: cottages-gardens


Celebrity Owned said...

Clean and simple. I LOVE IT!

xx Julie xx

mikky said...

Me too!


Anonymous said...

Where is this bathroom from? is there any product information available?

mikky said...

Hello Anonymous,

If you look at the bottom of the post I linked to the site I originally got the photo from, unfortunately it doesn't link directly to the post as I saved the photo on my harddrive and only saved it using the site name. If you need help finding the exact post let me know and I will go on the site to look for it too. Please let me know.