Favorite bathroom of the week: a little bit modern, a little bit of the outdoors & a little bit girly

I've had this bathroom in my files for a long time. I just love looking at it. Sure the oval stand alone bathtub is gorgeous, the vanities just the right amount of simple modern, and the fact that the glass walls collapse so you feel like you are bathing outside with all those vines, heavenly. The mixed brown tiled floor looks like delicious bars of chocolate laid end to end, but what makes me love this bathroom is the intricate gold frames placed on top of that mirrored wall, it`s both chic and Disney cartoonie (is that even a word?) at the same time and that`s what makes this bathroom irresistible to me.

image via: wish I knew! I didn`t save the location of this beauty.


Unknown said...

I have to tell you that that egg bathtub is the stuff of my dreams and having it outdoor accessible just takes it one notch higher. Love!

xo Mary Jo

mikky said...

My dreams too Mary Jo. It is just so gorgeous!

Hope you have a great weekend.