Cutie pies in the bathroom

It's been a while since I did a pets in tubs post, so I thought it was high time I
started them up again. I absolutely love the gorgeous mosaic bench in the shower above.
I always love when white subway tiles are paired with a touch of expensive mosaic tiles. In this case they turned a simple shower bench into the wow factor of this shower. As beautiful as the tiles are they still can't compete with the cuteness of this bulldog and these other sweeties.

If you have some cute photos of your pets taking baths or causing mischief in
the bathroom, send them to me. I'd love to see them and I`ll include them in my next pets posts! You can email them to me here:

images via: desire to inspire, dead pictorial, unknown


Planet Blue said...

omg first pic is genius!

planet blue

mikky said...

isn`t it! the dog is just too cute!
thanks for leaving me a comment planet blue.