Colin Firth enjoying a glass of red wine in a bubble bath

So many women love Colin Firth as Mr.Darcy and as Mark Darcy, I`m sure if they saw
him sitting in a backyard bubble bath like this they would jump right in!

Interesting tid bits about Colin Firth:

When he was a kid he tried learning guitar, but gave up when he discovered lessons would involve learning how to play the songs Kumbaya and Lord Of The Dance.So instead he turned his attention to acting and took classes every Saturday and later went on to take intensive acting lessons.

Remember how in the movie Love Actually his character, Jamie Bennett taught himself to speak the language of the woman he is in love with (oh how I cried during the restaurant scene where he asks her to marry him) well, in real life he learnt how to speak fluently in Italian because his wife is Italian.

info via: talk talk


Stacy CUrran said...

YUM! Total eye candy :)

mikky said...

thanks for stopping by Stacy.