Celebrity homes bathroom game: Action heros edition

When you think of blockbuster action movie stars these 4 guys are at the
top of the list.They probably invented the list! I bet the amount of popcorn eaten
while watching their movies could blanket the globe. Now if only I knew
a statistician to calculate how much that would be. This is not good, picturing
an earth covered in popcorn is getting me hungry, craving buttery popcorn
and wanting to sneak off to the movies instead of finishing this post!
Ok I better get cracking....

So which is...

Steven Seagal`s bathroom?
Bruce Willis` bathroom?
Sylvester Stallone`s bathroom?
Arnold Schwarzenegger`s bathroom?

Think you`ve got it figured out?

Click the ``Click to see more`` to find out where John McClane, Rambo,
Casey Ryback and the Terminator showered.

Thanks for clicking!

Here are your answers:

 Arnold Schwarzenegger`s bathroom

These photos are from Arnold's former Pacific Palisades estate which he lived in
when he was Governor of California.

I always admired Arnold for making it in Hollywood, for his can do attitude and strong belief in himself when others didn't - a guy with a strong accent, a long name, not your typical actor look of the time, moved to the States with $20 and a gym bag and ends up becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood. I had a soft spot for him because my Dad loved his Conan the Barbarian movie (still does), so I would sit and watch it with him. Sounds strange for a little girl to be watching that movie, but seeing as my Dad would eat tasty licorice and chips while watching it I liked to hang around. I've pretty much seen every movie he's made. I remember reading a great interview in Cigar Aficionado many years ago (was sitting in my doctor's office. Hmm, now that I think about it, it is strange to have a cigar magazine in the waiting room of a doctor's office. I always ended up reading those though cause they had interesting celebrity interviews. Tracked down the article on the net for you: here. I will have to reread it too, started but it's 25 pages.) So, it was such a shock and a disappointment to read about him keeping a son hidden for so many years, nobody deserves that, not Maria Shriver, not that boy nor his other kids. So yeah, I loved his movies, will I go see his next ones, hard to say, but what a disappointment, you just can't see him in the same way. I also always wonder this silly little detail, in a more recent interview he had said how if his kids left the light on in their bedroom he would take out the light bulb and not let them have it for a day. Since the scandal I've always wondered if his kids light bulbs still get confiscated.  

Ok, moving on peeps, let's check out Arnold's former washrooms:
I wouldn`t mind having this huge steam room to relax in:
Bruce Willis` bathroom

This is the bathroom from Bruce`s estate in Hailey, Idaho. He must have houses all
over the place because I remember years ago being in Bahamas or Barbados (can`t remember which, but I think it was Bahamas) on a tour bus and the guide was saying that he and Demi Moore had a house in the area. Ahh, the fabulous life of a movie star!

Btw. does anyone remember that scene in the first Die Hard where Bruce Willis` character John McClane takes off his shoes and socks in the bathroom and scrunches up his toes to relax? If you`ve never tried doing that you should because it actually works. I tried it the other day after rewatching Die Hard (how many times I`ve seen that movie I don`t know!) and it really takes your mind off things.

Another gigantic shower room:

Here`s some other photos that I thought were pretty interesting from Bruce`s chalet:

The festive draping on the bed. Makes me think of Mardi Gras.

Notice the ``Be Yourself`` sign above the fireplace. Thought that was interesting to see.
Hmmm maybe even cool cats like Bruce Willis need a reminder now and again.

Steven Seagal`s bathroom

Interesting fact about Steven Segal is that he made his first film at the ripe old age of 36. One of his former aikido students believed Steven could be a star so as a favor to him he gave it a shot. His former aikido student is none other than Michael Ovitz, you might recogize his name, he co-founded Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and was President of Walk Disney Company. 

Sylvester Stallone`s bathroom

Who`s husband or boyfriend doesn`t love Rocky or Rambo? Personally, I like the story
behind the creation of Rocky the most. Did you know that he wrote the script in 20 hours, ran out of money, had to sell his dog to get by and the first thing he did after he sold his script was to go out and find the guy who had bought his dog and buy him back for something like $20,000 and a role in the movie. Talk about a success story! If you've
never read how he negotiate the selling of his Rocky script it is a must read. It`s a
great lesson in tenacity and is incredibly inspiring.

Now let`s see where Rocky and Rambo freshened up:

So what did you think of their bathrooms?
Is it what you`d expect from these guys & how many did you get right?

images via: the reelist, screened, technoratizimbio, beringer fine homes, front door, front door, front door, gdefon,m24 digitalzillow, monsters and critics

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