7 dual sink vanity mirror style ideas

Yesterday we looked at one sink vanity mirrors, so I thought why not look at some dual sink vanity mirrors today? My favourite of all these is the fourth photo. I love everything about that bathroom, the uniqueness, the chicness, the personality. Let me know what you think about it and which are your fav vanity mirrors.

Love these next mirrors too:

Here's my favourite: the mix matched vanity mirrors. It just
oozes personality in my mind. I like the idea of each person having a mirror that reflects their personality. If you want to see more mix matched mirror ideas,
check out this post here.

I think these re purposed timber framed mirrors are a nice take on
adding some rustic texture to a clean lined vanity.



Do you have a favourite?

images via: cote de texas, a punch of color design, better after, mes caprices belges, style files, rough luxe perspective, architectural digest


Andrea said...

I love giltwood mirrors. I think they dress up a room. :)

Art a la Rue xo

mikky said...

Hope you have a great weekend Andrea.