$49,500,000 estate, want to see what their bathroom looks like?

Isn't the exterior of this home breathtaking?

Can you believe it was only built in 2010? It's located in Beverly Hills. I think if I lived in California I would be spending all my free time checking out the incredible houses (and sneaking onto movie sets). Imagine how fit I would be from doing all that walking? Unfortunately though the exterior is as close as I would get because only prequalified buyer are allowed inside and sadly I seem to have misplaced my bank book with my bank account # that is holding all my millions, I hate when that happens. Now let's just imagine, imagine that they invited us over for lunch...

We'd get there and they'd say lunch should be ready soon, but of course we would need to wash our hands, of the 13 bathrooms all are being used, so our gracious hosts tell us to run upstairs to use the master bath.

Here we go, up these gorgeous stairs, if only we could afford to buy
that incredible chandelier... 

And we find the masterbath:

Ooooo, another gorgeous chandelier, this one might even fit in
my house, if only I had brought a bigger bag!

No detail was overlooked in this washroom. From the intricate workmanship on the
walls and ceilings, the gorgeous pink marble throughout to the exquisite furnishings. I love
the muted colour green they used on the vanities to compliment all the shades of pink in this room and then to top if off with the rich deep purple in the chandelier adds the perfect pop of brightness to the room, making the colours really come alive.

It is the perfect Parisian style bathroom, the ornate gilded mirrors are exquisite, so is the pretty makeup station, right down to the sheer window treatments. Everything is perfectly done, well, the only thing that surprises me are the garbage cans. I would have expected them to be ornately detailed too, but the colours they chose almost makes them disappear into the room.

We make it back downstairs, but the table isn't set yet, our hosts mention that the pizza delivery guy hasn't arrived yet and if he isn't here in the next 5 minutes the pizza will be free.

We take a moment to admire the spectacular ceilings

Then stumble into this incredible green sitting room and run into
Rudolf snoozing in his rocking chair.

Not wanting to wake him, we tip toe out to the backyard.

And make our way to the swimming pool.

We catch a glimpse of the pizza boy carrying 50 pizza boxes sprinting across the lawn, checking our watch we see that he is 45 seconds late, yipeee free pizza for everyone! Hmmm...maybe this means our hosts will invite us to stay for dinner and then finally we can find out who they are and what they do for a living so eventually we too can afford to buy a house like this or better yet, persuade them to adopt us.

 If you live in Beverly Hills here's the address of this gorgeous home:
 9577 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA. And if you want to buy it click here.

images via: the agency


K&B by the Sea said...

WOW! That's some serious real estate! The master bathroom is bigger than most apartments! ;-) The chandelier is fabulous - wish I had a spot for it in my house. And the bank account to afford it ;-)


mikky said...

Hi Kelly,

Me too! What a dream that would be too have a bank account like that, imagine all the decorating we could do!
Nice to see you & I loved your last post.