Favorite bathroom of the week: a little bit modern, a little bit of the outdoors & a little bit girly

I've had this bathroom in my files for a long time. I just love looking at it. Sure the oval stand alone bathtub is gorgeous, the vanities just the right amount of simple modern, and the fact that the glass walls collapse so you feel like you are bathing outside with all those vines, heavenly. The mixed brown tiled floor looks like delicious bars of chocolate laid end to end, but what makes me love this bathroom is the intricate gold frames placed on top of that mirrored wall, it`s both chic and Disney cartoonie (is that even a word?) at the same time and that`s what makes this bathroom irresistible to me.

image via: wish I knew! I didn`t save the location of this beauty.

Celebs in tubs: David Boreanaz

No bones about it David Boreanaz has had some interesting roles, he`s been on Married with Children, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Bones. Imagine how many box sets of tv shows David must have stored in his house from all these roles.

Interesting tid bit about David Boreanaz:

His dog got him his job. Ok, well actually, a neighbor saw David walking his dog past their house and suggested him for the role of Angel in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Think I`ll go take the dog for a walk, now if only I had a dog!

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Ritz Carlton, Cayman Island golf course bathrooms anyone?

My husband loves, I mean LOVES to play golf, so when I was searching around to do my next big bucks home bathroom post, (ok, I just came up with that name now. What do you think should I start calling these posts our big bucks bathrooms posts? Let me know what you think!) Here`s two of my previous uber expensive homes bathrooms posts here & here (hmmm uber expensive is kinda catchy too...) Ok, lets get back on track, as I was saying before I got sidetracked about naming this post series, I couldn`t help but be drawn to this house. A Ritz Carlton home built on a golf course in the Cayman Islands. Hello! Now who can resist that? So of course I had to check out their bathrooms and share them with you. The bathrooms aren`t as Richy Rich or as luxurious as some of the others we`ve seen, but then again this home is listed for only $7.5 million (only, as if I had that much money in my bank account!) and the others have been in much more expensive homes. However, I think these bathrooms, have some nice details to copy for a family bathroom. 

So let`s take a look.
Here`s the master bath:

I like the soft colour palette of this bathroom. The nice creamy beige walls work well with the carerra marble tiles. My favourite feature in this washroom is the built in shelving. I love how they tiled the inside of the top half of the shelves in the carrera brick pattern. I think it is a really fresh look. And the use of baskets keeps the shelves looking neat and tidy. Also, check out the great floor tile pattern. I love the mix of the tiny tiles surrounded by varying pattern large tiles. Having the floor tiles, vanity counter top, shelves and shower tiles all in the same carrera marble keeps the look of the bathroom soft, light and relaxed. This is a timeless bathroom style that you won`t have to worry about it looking dated in a few years.

Now onto the guest bath and powder room.
They kept both in the same colour palette, style and feel as the master bath.
Notice, they even used the same wall sconces, ceiling light fixtures, sink faucets and undermount sinks in the guest bath as in the master bath. However, they changed it up a bit by using different white vanities, these have a bit more of a modern vibe to them. I like that they are not your typical white vanity, but I am not sure if I like these vanities or not. I know that the open shelf in the vanity helps to make the room feel more spacious given that there are two vanities facing each other in this narrow area, but I think I would have preferred the open shelf part to be closed.
They were smart to have a separate, closed door area for the toilet. Perfect for a bunch of golfing buddies to get ready for their early morning tee time. They don`t have to wait while one guy is as my husband would say ``sitting on the bowl`` eeew! I hope they have a super powered fan in that toilet room thought. If I know anything about guys going golfing together, that is a must!

And here is a photo of the powder room.

They stayed with the same colour palette, but changed it up a bit with a vessel sink and different sink faucet. The dark brown toilet seat and door frame have the same effect as the dark brown legs of the bathtub in the master bath, giving a punch of colour so the room doesn`t look washed out. All in all a simple, straightforward powder room.

Now I couldn`t resist including this photo of the pool, I think I would spend all my time swimming around in here while the guys are off golfing. It even has it`s own little man made beach area! I think I could get used to that.

Here`s a close up shot of the front of the home.
And check out the description of this house. It sounds heavenly:

The Deckhouses at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, represent a level of Cayman Islands real estate that is in a class of its own. The stylish and comfortable interior of this elegant villa provides amazing yet relaxing waterfront living and some of the finest luxury real estate in the Caribbean. From the exquisite finishes throughout the home to the impeccably landscaped grounds and outdoors spaces, integrated boathouse, guest cottage, private beach, infinity pool and many other amenities. Truly a little piece of heaven. The DeckHouses in Grand Cayman ‘s only sea-to sea resort community. Concealed amongst lush gardens and a palm –banked single main drive celebrates the beauty and timelessness of the colonial British. The owner and their guests have full access to the facilities and amenities of The Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman, which since its opening, has earned worldwide accolades for its fine restaurants, golf, spa, luxury shopping and unparalleled setting on Seven Mile Beach.

Want to see more photos of this place, go here.

So what do you think? Are you for doing all the washrooms in your house in the same colour palette and style or do you think each bathroom should look different?

Does your sink stink?

I got a lot of good feedback about this post on bathroom cleaning. I realized there was an important cleaning step I left out. When you think about all the stuff that goes down your sink & drains on a daily bases from toothpaste, soap, makeup, creams, shampoo, conditioner, exfoliants, hairs and everything else, your sink & drains can start to smell yucky and get clogged up after a while. So what to do about it?

Well I've got a little trick for you that won't hurt your plumbing and will get
rid of all that gunk build up:

Once a month take a cup of regular bleach and pour it down each of your drains and sinks. The bleach will break down the soap, toothpaste, hair, shampoo, etc... build up, et voila no more stinky drains!

So if you constantly have to remove hair from your drains, pick up a bottle of bleach and write a note on your calendar to pour your drains a drink once a month.
image via: ad, clorox

Elegant mirrored medicine cabinet and shelves

I love the look of these mirrored medicine cabinets. What I love most about them, and why I decided to do a post just featuring this one photo, are the mirror lined shelves. This is one idea I know I am eventually going to use some where! These mirrored shelves make me think of high end perfume shops. They just add an extra special Ooolala to the look.

If you like the idea of using mirror to showcase your beauty products, then you have to check out Kevin Sharkey's (a big wig at Martha Stewart with an amazing eye for style) bathroom, he used mirror in a lot of great ways in his bathroom. You can check out the post I did on Kevin Sharkey's bathroom here.

image via: everything fabulous

The Golden Girls bathroom

I must confess, Golden Girls is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love this show. I have my pvr set to tape it and late at night once or twice a week I will watch 3 or 4 episodes in one sitting - since I can fast forward thru the commercials I like to tell myself that watching 3 episodes is really the equivalent of watching one show. My husband just can`t understand why I like the Golden Girls. He doesn`t get why I, as he puts it ``love a show about 4 old ladies.`` I don`t see it as a show about old ladies at all, instead I see it as a show about a bunch of friends who joke around. In a lot of ways I picture them as the original Sex and the City girls.  

I mean how can you not love a show about 3 good friends who discuss their problems over cheese cake, chocolate sauce & whip cream and features a wise cracking Sophia Petrillo who tells stories that start with ``Picture it, Sicily 1821...``

 Plus, they live in a gorgeous house. How many times have I seen their house discussed on decor blogs, I can`t even count. Whenever I see the infamous green leafy wallpaper I can`t help but think of Blanche Devereaux`s bedroom, or see versions of their white bamboo chairs in the kitchen think about their gab fests, but the one design element, that I have been waiting to see, is the bathrooms. After all my blog is all about bathrooms so you just know as I watch the show I always hope that one day we will get a peek inside the bathrooms. Well, finally it has happened!

In this episode the girls need to change their toilet and are getting quotes from some plumbers. All the plumbers' quotes are outrageous, so Dorothy and Rose decide to fix the bathroom themselves.

I couldn`t just choose a few photos, so click the ``click to see more`` to check out their bathroom.

Furniture style tub base

When I saw this super unique tub base I knew it would be perfect for my tub base Tuesday posts. I`m always on the look out to find as many different tub base designs as possible so that if you are remodelling your bathroom (and when I remodel mine!) we can see all the different design options out there. I like the idea of turning a tub into a focal point. Often times I find the tub base is not really considered a design element but instead it is seen as a nuisance that needs to be covered up. Just because you don`t get one of those super sleek stand alone tubs or don`t have alot of money to spend, doesn`t mean your tub base can`t look spectacular.

 So in a nutshell that is what I`m trying to do with these tub base posts. btw, sorry I need to re-organize my tub base labels. Hopefully I will get around to that this week because at some point I switched the label and now all the past tub bases don`t appear together. Queen of organization I am not! So I am going to go back thru my posts to ensure that all the tub bases I`ve covered are all under the same label. I`ll let you know when I have fixed it.

Ok, back to the photo:

This tub base with it`s glossy black frame and sleek legs makes me think of a beautiful grand piano. It really is a show stopper. It just grabbed my eye immediately, almost to the point where I didn`t take in how fabulous the rest of the bathroom is. At first I didn`t even notice the amazing standing lamp - from it`s perfect shade, glass body and silvery legs, it is so utterly feminine,  the delicateness of the white vanity legs, the fantastic old coca-cola bottle green tint to the shower door, how fluffy all these crisp white towels look, the subtle touch of light sea glass green of the tiled wall behind the vanity and not to mention this perfectly delicious fuchsia pink poof! Everything was done in such soft romantic tones. What a pretty bathroom and the tub base stole the show!

What is your favorite detail in this bathroom?

image via: cottages-gardens

Cutie pies in the bathroom

It's been a while since I did a pets in tubs post, so I thought it was high time I
started them up again. I absolutely love the gorgeous mosaic bench in the shower above.
I always love when white subway tiles are paired with a touch of expensive mosaic tiles. In this case they turned a simple shower bench into the wow factor of this shower. As beautiful as the tiles are they still can't compete with the cuteness of this bulldog and these other sweeties.

If you have some cute photos of your pets taking baths or causing mischief in
the bathroom, send them to me. I'd love to see them and I`ll include them in my next pets posts! You can email them to me here: mikky@todaloos.com

images via: desire to inspire, dead pictorial, unknown

Soaking up the picturesque view

For this week's tub with a view we head back to the tropics.
What a great view this tub has! I like the cement bathroom walls, especially the unique recessed towel shelves and that the faucet handles are built into the wall.

image via: buaia

7 dual sink vanity mirror style ideas

Yesterday we looked at one sink vanity mirrors, so I thought why not look at some dual sink vanity mirrors today? My favourite of all these is the fourth photo. I love everything about that bathroom, the uniqueness, the chicness, the personality. Let me know what you think about it and which are your fav vanity mirrors.

Love these next mirrors too:

Here's my favourite: the mix matched vanity mirrors. It just
oozes personality in my mind. I like the idea of each person having a mirror that reflects their personality. If you want to see more mix matched mirror ideas,
check out this post here.

I think these re purposed timber framed mirrors are a nice take on
adding some rustic texture to a clean lined vanity.



Do you have a favourite?

images via: cote de texas, a punch of color design, better after, mes caprices belges, style files, rough luxe perspective, architectural digest

Unique vanity mirrors add a touch of personality to your bathroom vanity

Bathrooms can be a risky place to experiment with style because the components of the bathroom are so expensive and not something you can easily change yourself. Sure if you buy a couch or rug for your living room and you can`t stand it you can return it or live with it for a year or two and then get a new one, or you can switch the room around, move the sofa to the basement and you didn`t lose out. But bathrooms are a whole different beast. I`ve never heard of anyone switching out their toilet, bathtub or vanity the following year because they simply didn`t like how it looked. Imagine! `Oh honey look I decided to get rid of the white toilet and get a neon yellow one because neon is sooooo in this year!` Never gonna happen. With bathrooms we learn to live with what we`ve got. So it makes sense most people play it on the safe side and choose neutral colours and styles that you hope and pray will still look good in 10 to 20 years. Hey, I like it safe too, some of my favorite bathrooms are white or beige!

So that`s where mirrors come in. You can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom with the right mirror, you can let your personality or inner stylist shine and when you get sick of the look all you have to do is take it down and pop up a different style. And with the drop in prices and huge selection of funky, chic, modern, country, you name it style, mirrors out there you can be switching up that mirror and testing out different looks all the time. Since your pretty face is going to be looking into it every day it`s worth getting something that makes you shine and that you love looking at!

Which of these mirrors do you like best?

I`m curious, what style mirror do you have over your bathroom vanity right now?

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Colin Firth enjoying a glass of red wine in a bubble bath

So many women love Colin Firth as Mr.Darcy and as Mark Darcy, I`m sure if they saw
him sitting in a backyard bubble bath like this they would jump right in!

Interesting tid bits about Colin Firth:

When he was a kid he tried learning guitar, but gave up when he discovered lessons would involve learning how to play the songs Kumbaya and Lord Of The Dance.So instead he turned his attention to acting and took classes every Saturday and later went on to take intensive acting lessons.

Remember how in the movie Love Actually his character, Jamie Bennett taught himself to speak the language of the woman he is in love with (oh how I cried during the restaurant scene where he asks her to marry him) well, in real life he learnt how to speak fluently in Italian because his wife is Italian.

info via: talk talk

Bathtub trays - pretty and pretty useful

I like the idea of bathtub trays. To be able to lay in the tub and have a snack, read a book or
do some beauty work just takes the whole bathing experience to the next level (and ok, it makes you feel a little less guilty about spending an hour soaking in the tub). Just as long as you don`t have your cell phone on the tray and spend all your time texting instead of relaxing, I think the tray is a good idea.

Whenever I see bathtub trays like these for some reason it gets me thinking of romantic
novels and novelists. I don`t know what it is about them.

images via: unknown, apartment therapy, skonahem, ideal home, unknown, sunday in bed

What your toilet paper says about you

I have to admit I like my toilet paper to hang like in the first picture.

How about you, do you have a preference how your toilet paper hangs?

image via: the doghouse diaries

Bathroom on the beach

Pretty sweet bathroom no?

I love the creamy beige countertop in this bathroom and that they used the same material for the backsplash right up the wall to the mirrored medicine cabinets. Love bathrooms like this - sleek and functional with tons of storage space and of course a killer view!

images via: contemporist

Bathroom of the week: fabulous garden painted walls

Can you find prettier painted walls then these? I don`t think so. This
bathroom looks simply magical. The interesting mirrors scattered across the walls
and the gold trimmed mirror just take it up a notch.