Suzanne Somers Palm Springs home`s romantic bathrooms

I was blown away by how utterly romantic Suzanne Somers` bathrooms are.

Her bathrooms are so feminine relaxing looking that they could
easily belong in a spa retreat.

What's interesting, if I read it right, Suzanne is offering to sell her home completely furnished. Part of me gets the idea of selling all your furnishings so that you can start fresh in a new place, but I have so many memories attached to our furniture, artwork, lighting, etc..from hunting them down to funny things that happened at home, I don`t think I could ever do it. Sure I`d get rid of a few pieces but I don`t think I could sell a house fully furnished. Hmmm...unless I just bought all new stuff with the intention of selling it as a furnished house and packed up my own stuff! Looking at Suzanne`s place, there is no way I would leave that carousel horse, the zebra rugs, some of her ornate mirrors and that gorgeous crystal and green glass chandelier in her dressing room (see the last photo in this post).

If you love her black claw footed bathtubs, check out
this post where I feature a bunch of them.

And how can I resist taking a little peak in Suzanne's bedroom & dressing room:
Don`t you just love the vibrant pop of green of these drapes combined
with the delish pink of that throw?

Suzanne really seems to love zebra rugs, she`s got them in 3 of her rooms!

Her dressing room makes me think of Paris, I`d love to relax in here eating
macaroons all day long, oops, I mean healthy organic fruits and veggies!

Here`s that crystal and green glass chandelier I mentioned:

If you are curious to find out more about her house, here`s the listing information:

Listing Detail
Primary MLS #4179231
Web ID #539403527
Year Built 1928

Set on 73 acres of prime Palm Springs mountainside, this one-of-a-kind residential estate offers 10 bedrooms 9 full bathrooms in 7 villas. Only 3 owners since built in the 1920s. Set in surroundings of raw outcroppings, these are but a few of the amazing features; indoor/outdoor living dining spaces, 5000 bottle wine cellar, numerous fireplaces fire pits, swimming pool, multiple spas waterfalls, the latest in lighting, security, video, HVAC, a master suite with separate sleeping chamber, double offices, huge dressing room spa bath. Offered Furnished w/Caretaker House Jet Hangar (Jet Hangar!!!! I need one of those and a jet to zip around in!)
Click here to go to the listing of Suzanne Somers home

* I'm also going to save the rest of the photos of her house on my blog's Pinterest account, so that we can still Ooo and Ahhh over the photos once Suzanne`s house sells and they are no longer up.

Have you read any of Suzanne`s books? What did you think? I have
never read any and am curious to see what people think and which one
you would recommend I read?

images via: real estate book, suzanne somers


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