Spectacular white marble bathroom

I am late posting my tub with a view post. Usually, I post it every weekend, but
last week was crazy hectic so I ended up finishing up the celebrity bathroom
game post and didn`t have time to do another post. I felt bad not
doing my tub with a view post, so here she is.

If you remember last week`s post was an outdoor tub with a view, it`s pretty
hard to top that tub location, but I think this weeks` bathroom is pretty spectacular.

If I had to choose between the two photos, I`d have a hard time. I love tropical paradise, but oh look at the gorgeousness of this bathroom.

How can you top floor to ceiling marble? These marble floors and walls are simply stunning and look how tall the walls are. It looks like there are 2 full sized marble slabs on top of each other. The cost of the marble alone must be insane! Talking about insane, look at the size of that shower! I love the huge rectangular rainshower head - it must feel like you are standing under your own private waterfall. Then there is that gorgeous stone tub where you can lie and look out at the perfect view. And how can I not mention all the nice little details like the pretty shell chandelier and uber chic suspended glass cube fireplace?

That glass fireplace wall is just too cool. If this were my bathroom, I would have made a long retractable platinum rod with a huge diamond on one end and a point on the other, then next to the tub would be placed a crystal ice bucket filled with freshly made assorted flavours marshmallows and in the winter when there is a big snowfall I would lie in my bubble bath roasting marshmallows and say to myself the line from Titanic - `top of the world baby!` Ahhh to think someone could actually be living out that dream....lucky chickie! Hope they go out and get a marshmallow skewer made.

Anyone have any idea where this bathroom could be located? My guess is that it is
in a luxurious penthouse overlooking central park. You?

image via: unknown


Unknown said...

Omg this is beautiful 😍😍😍

mikky said...

:) Thanks for your comment Vivica! I love it too. :)