Painted vintage tubs in the colours of the rainbow

How often now a days do you see a tub in any colour other than white?

Pretty rare right? And if you do see a different colour, chances are it's a "safe"
colour like beige or grey or eggshell or black. (I'm not going to mention all the
leftover pink, blue, gold and olive green bathrooms from the 60's & 70's).

So when you come across a bathroom with a splash of colour it really
stands out. That's why I think it's so fun when people take vintage ball and
claw footed tubs and paint them in fun colours like these:

Ok, if you want to paint your tub black, I won't be disappointed, I actually
think it's quite chic. You can check out some black tubs in this post.

If you had a vintage tub what colour would you paint it?

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K&B by the Sea said...

I LOVE these colourful clawfoot tubs! They're all fabulous, but being a lover of all things glam, I'd have to say that the turquoise tub with the silver feet is my favourite. The purple tub is a really close second :-)

If I had a vintage tub, I'd most likely paint it purple with silver feet. Maybe a bit over the top, but life's to play it safe ;-)


mikky said...

You are a wild one Kelly! ;) I think it would be fun to go over the top too, maybe even do a bright neon could be fun,or paint the tub with glow in the dark paint!