Kanye West's modern beige Hollywood bathroom

Let`s take a peek inside Kanye West`s Hollywood home he put up for sale. Not
surprisingly, it is amazingly modern and chic. Super clean lines, but still alot of personality.

We`ll just knock at the door...

Even the rocks outside his door are perfect.

Oh, nobody`s home? Alright well we`ll just find our way around, perhaps
Kanye`s bathroom is up these stairs...

Let`s try down this hall...love that gorgeous wood floor...

Could it be in here? Oops, nope. Hey Buzz, where`s the bathroom?

Ahh, here is Kanye West`s ultra sleek bathroom:

Don`t you love this floating modern sink? I like that he also has plenty
of storage in that floating vanity. Chic and practical.

I like that Kanye chose a wood grain for the vanity instead of say
white lacquer vanity. The wood vanity ties in nicely with the wood flooring we
saw in his hallway creating a consistent look to the home. The natural wood
also adds warmth to the modern piece.

I love Kanye`s incredible travertine shower (I though it was Crema Marfil marble, but the info said it is travertine tiles). Kanye's shower is the perfect example of an amazing
modern shower that still looks warm and not sterile. I love these invisible shower drains (the drainage system is usually either along the wall or in the space between the floor tiles. It is impossible to tell for sure just from looking at this photo, but it looks like the drainage is along the side walls and between the tiles (notice the extra spacing between the shower tiles vs. the floor tiles in the photo above)). Invisible drains are very pricey, starting at a minimum of $500 per drain, it depends on the size of the drain and quality, so the drains can often cost as much as the shower itself! I love the
clean look of this type of drain combined with large tiles.

Now for the piece de resistance in Kanye`s bathroom: his aquarium bathtub!

The idea of an aquarium attached to a bathtub sounds very tacky, but combined
with this super modern sleek bathtub and elegant beige color scheme I think it works. What do you think? Wonder if he was tempted to put pirahana fish in that tank.

So what do you think of Kanye West`s bathroom?

Do you like or hate the aquarium bathtub? Would you want a tub like
this - if someone else took care of cleaning the aquarium - in your bathroom?

Want to see more photos of his place: go here.

images via: usa today, luxist

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