Help this guy become an Iron Man

UPDATE: David Siteman Garland won the Iron Man Magazine contest! To everyone who voted thanks for taking the time to vote for him. :)

Ok, this post is a bit off base.

There's this business webshow called The Rise to the Top I watch and the host, David Siteman Garland, seems like a really nice guy, plus I've learnt a bunch of stuff from his show, so I'd like to help him out by spreading the word.

He's in the running to win “Most Inspiring Fitness Transformation” by Iron Man Magazine, he's competing against 4 other guys and all he needs is for people to go on the site and vote for him to win, no strings attached, no email sign up, nothing, takes 2 seconds,  just go to the page and on the right side is a list of guys names, his name is David Siteman Garland (the longest name on the list) click to vote for him, et voila you are done! Click here to vote. Thanks for helping him out!

As I mentioned, I've been watching his show, The Rise to the Top, for a long time, a few years now, so I've seen that his transformation is legit, not some trick with lighting or photoshop.

It's impressive what he has done, but the real reason I want to help him out is because he has a good, informative website, he's done some interviews where I have learnt stuff that I hadn't learnt from reading the zillion books I do on business and he's conducted interviews with entrepreneurs that make you think yeah, I can accomplish that too. I searched on the net a long time to find information about running and building an online business and his was one of the first resources that I found that wasn't trying to sell you tons of stuff or seemed like some kind of scam. So that's the real reason why I did this post. Sometimes you come across nice people who help you thru what they are doing and when you see they want to accomplish something you want to help them out too if you can. So if you have a moment, please go vote for him and thanks again for taking the time to read this!
Click here to go vote for David Siteman Garland. (btw, you can vote once every hour if you want and voting ends this Friday, April 13th)


Once upon a Time-Sacha said...

Awesome! Voted ;0)

mikky said...

Hi Sasha,

Thanks so much for voting! Hope you`re having a nice day.